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is that okay?

I heard on the news today that a 7 yr old boy who apparently said bad words, was removed from his home by children's services because his mother made him hold soap in his mouth for ten minutes , I didn't catch where this happened, but what are your thoughts?

Should put soap in mouth
should not put soap in mouth
For a minute at most if you're gonna
Make him eat soap
Would you nail your kid's feet to the floor to get him to stay put?
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Voted : should not put soap in mouth
My grandmother washed my mouth out with soap once. Didn't endear me to her, and it didn't stop me swearing (some 50 yrs. later...)
Voted : should not put soap in mouth
It doesn't really work. I've had a couple of really bad cousins who got this treatment, and only got upset stomachs. Still bad they wanna be.
Voted : should not put soap in mouth
I would guess that the fact that it was for ten minutes had something to do with children's services removing the child.
Voted : should not put soap in mouth
there has to be a line drawn between punishment and torture. 10 minutes of soap in mouth (if true) is way over that line.
When I was like 10 my mom pinned me down and tried to pour liquid soap in my mouth but she missed and got it in my eye, man that shit burned.
I wasn't scarred for life as some wussy psychs might have us believe. When I look back on shit like that I can't help but laugh.

Voted : should not put soap in mouth
while I'm sure people that do (or did) that sort of thing meant well, the "cure" is worse than the offense...
Voted : Should put soap in mouth
What a bunch of Cry-babys! Soap in the mouth isn't matter how's a way of getting your ill-mannered, smart-mouthed kids to clean up their act..would you rather just give them a 'Back-hand'? And BTW, is that Tiger Woods?
^ I don't know who that is, I just found on google, soap in mouth:)
Voted : should not put soap in mouth
child abuse
Voted : should not put soap in mouth
Soap has dangerous chemicals which could cause a reaction, especially these days.

Besides, it is also a form of physical punishment, and therefore I cannot support it in good conscience...

Voted : Would you nail your kid's feet to the floor to get him to stay put?
A stupid and damaging punishment based solely on a metaphor, it's NEVER ok

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