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[+] joke ballot by nuckinfutz

it's really, really ugly?

"Wow, that baby looks, um, interesting."
Lie and say it's cute (but can you pull it off convincingly?)
Try to react neutrally
Tell the parent "it looks just like you"
Ask if the camera was out of focus?
"Did your real baby get switched at birth?"
I compliment some nice feature, like eyes, skin, or alertness
I'd say, Oh My! Gotta run now.
Recessive Genes are so unpredictable
It's breathtaking

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*waits for the first person to sickeningly say " all babies are beautiful" etc etc*
Voted : Try to react neutrally
I'm *so* glad I've never been in this sitch...
Voted : I compliment some nice feature, like eyes, skin, or alertness
A co-worker came into our office at work and showed my boss and me a picture of her new grandkid. The grandkid was really not attarctive in the least, to be kind. I said, "Your baby has such bee-you-ti-ful skin," which wasn't a lie because all babies have nice skin. She was delighted to hear it. After she left, I said to my boss, "That's one ugly baby." My boss's jaw hit the foor.
DAMMIT! All babies are beautiful in their own unique way!
Voted : Tell the parent "it looks just like you"
That's what i do. I try to be honest.

I have a friend who gave birth to this ugly chud of a kid, and i mean ugly...and it's a baby girl, but you'd never know it. It's got this big gigantic head with dents in it, it's just so ugly that i feel bad being around this baby because i feel bad for not wanting to hold it like i would a cute baby.

I think the baby in that pic is adorable compared to my friends baby, lol

Voted : Recessive Genes are so unpredictable
That's not an ugly baby Nuck. He looks like he just finished a joint, got the munches and is looking at some tit.
^ I think that's a she.
^ I mean, I'm judging by the pink that she is wearing.
Voted : Try to react neutrally
A friend of mine had a very ugly looking baby and he was an ugly toddler too and I just never knew what to say.. turned out to be a very attractive boy. Seen that happen quite often actually.

And I've seen some gorgeous babies turn out rather plain. EVerybody ooing and ahhing over them and their beautiful little long blonde haired kid and finding out later, a mousy haired, very plain adult.

To be honest, it's just an "appearance", I"m not so hung up on looks it just doesn't stick with me for long. You soon learn that it gets old after a while.

Pretty shallow when you consider it's just flesh and bone, nothing to do with the person within and I've met some very cute babies who turned into cute brats and some plainer kids who turned out winners.

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