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Novak: ‘Poor Gonzales’ Is Terrible, ‘But There Are A Lot Of Bad People In This Administration’

This weekend on Bloomberg Television, columnist Robert Novak offered the following “defense” of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

He’s terrible. He shouldn’t be there. But there’s a lot of bad people in this administration.

Novak twice referred to the Attorney General as “poor Gonzales,” casting him as an unfortunate victim of congressional oversight. In a partisan jab, Novak claimed Democrats are “pounding on this poor Gonzales who never should have been in a high government post in the first place” in order to shift attention from the Iraq funding debate. But Novak then acknowledged that Republicans “think he ought to go, too.”

Novak said, “The president is stuck with these subpar people he brought up from Texas. That’s a failing on President Bush’s part.” A failing that Novak would prefer we not pay attention to. (Think Progress)

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Do you agree with rightwing pundit -- and Valerie Plame exposer -- Robert Novak, that there are a lot of bad people in the Bush Administration?

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Voted : Yes
And, in agreeing with him, I've confirmed my reservation in West Hell. And it took him *this f*cking long* to notice? (Pardon my Latin, please.)
May 14, 2007 - The White House was hit by two sudden resignations late Monday when Paul McNulty, a top Justice Department official, and Lanny Davis, the only Democratic member of the president’s civil liberties watchdog board, announced they were stepping down. Both resignations are likely to fuel allegations of White House political meddling in law enforcement and national security issues.

lets hope this does gonzales in, the lying dog.

Voted : Yes
Bad ? This is the most dysfunctional Administration I've ever seen, their strong point is misleading the people...the whole team seems to consist of unqualified third stringers...
Voted : Yes
Bobby, stop leaking classified information already.
Voted : Yes
Good point, Novak.

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