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I ask because on TV or in movies, it seems like a lot of people do it with shirts on, or skirts, or even almost fully dressed but just unzipped. I'm not that widely experienced, but my girl and I always like to get naked together. It's part of the fun. I assumed that's normal but do others like to do it wearing clothes like in movies/tv?

wearing something
almost fully dressed
My Birthday suit .... and possibly a black leather gimp mask and a mouth bit, if its appropriate.
Just a smile
Your girlfriend
Stilletto boots...
Socks only
My Big Ass Sunglasses!
Your mama's mouth...

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Voted : Naked
however sometimes the location is not appropriate to get fuly naked...
Voted : Naked

when push comes to shove, so to speak . . .

Voted : Naked
I'm a conventionalist in these things.
I wear a beer stench and a condom... that's it!
by MO_ [+]

Voted : Naked
Or a nighty or something sexy
Voted : Stilletto boots...
If you ask me nicely
(cold-shower time...)
Voted : Naked
Yep. Nekkid
I find wearing a pair of over the calf tube socks sets the tone nicely.
Voted : Naked
Although sometimes, as with earlier this afternoon, I forget and leave my socks on.
So, brats does by design, what I do in horny forgetfulness...
^ did you just (by implication) confess to wearing "over the calf tube socks" Felix? lol
^ Yes, but he also wears old-fashioned silk PJs to bed (like they do in the old movies), so he's a sexy dawg in my books.
Voted : My Big Ass Sunglasses!
...nothing else compliments the underwear hanging off one foot.
King Alfred: No, we're only alike, brats and I, with the socks part, not the over-the-calf variety. *L* I don't mind seeing the wife dress up with the socks and a parochial school skirt, but that's another matter entirely.

mojo: Yep, I do like the retro pyjamas, although some of them are Egyptian cotton. Still, to date, I *do* need to take them off if I've anything in mind save sleeping or reading...

Well Felix, you are just two flicks of a knife away from owning a pair of crotchless pyjama bottoms and, hey presto, problem solved!

Problem solved!

Hmmm...well, it would make lounging around in them in the parlor for an hour or two before bed a bit more problematic if late guests drop by.
Voted : Stilletto boots...
If you ask me nicely.

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