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Voted : possibly
With Bush anything is possible however if he does so he will cement his legacy as being a corrupt, stubborn leader.
Voted : Yes
Of course Bush will pardon Scooter Libby, and he should. I'm no Republican, but Libby is the fall guy for the sick man from Wyoming: Dick Cheney.
^true dat^
This story's not over, unless we're ready to lay down and get tromped over some more.
by Jyl [+]

Voted : No
Any man who goes by the named of "Scooter" deserves to be in prison. He was butt boy to "5 Deferrals" Chaney; now it's time for him to be someone else's butt boy for a whole new group.
Voted : Yes
Did the Pope almost have an unplanned hitchhiker today? He's gotta keep the Scoot-man happy, because he knows where too many of the bodies are buried.
no. and he shouldn't. he should turn cheney over to the authorities too. once bush makes that call and gives cheney over to face justice, bush should consider the ancient art of japanese honor -- sepiku.
tng, wtf does marc rich have to do with this? nada. it's comparing apples to oranges. can you say dick nixon and ford?
Voted : No
I think it would be too obvious...not that there's a lack of "gumption"...
Voted : possibly
50/50 chance
Absolutely, on his last day in office.

It runs in the family. His father pardoned a bunch of the Iran Contra criminals before he left office.

Voted : Yes
likewise as Clinton pardoned his criminal friends.

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