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Richard Dawkins suggests that we 'shouldn't indocrinate little tykes with religion.' I respect that, but Dawkins wants to eliminate religion altogether. Coming from a White American guy who doesn't have to worry about where his next meal is coming from, I don't think he fully realizes the fact that many people have nothing else but religion to hold onto. If you're a poor person in Malawi who is starving but prays every day for God to help; how inclined would you to believe Dawkins?

But ok, what can atheism offer instead?

They have hope just not the false hope religion offers.
Nothing, just a lot of BS
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Unfortunately, only logic, law, and the State. As the fmr.USSR and China dismally prove. -Youssefv
Voted : They have hope just not the false hope religion offers.
An Atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An Atheist believes that a deed must be done instead of a prayer said. An Atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty vanished, war eliminated.
Madalyn Murray O'Hair

I believe the real question is "What does religon offer other than FALSE hope?"

^I think that is a little presumptious, though. Even Muslim fanatics have been known to set up hospitals and schools. Christians have set up churches and orphanages around the world. All those things that an atheist wants eliminated, most moderate religious people want eliminated too. Also, I forgot to mention that people can believe in God, but not necessarily religion
by aya [+]

Voted : Nothing, just a lot of BS
Odd... how many hospitals have atheists built? Most of the ones I know were built my religious groups. There is a long tradition and history of this being done. This includes Catholic, Jewish, Methodist and many others. There are also the Shriner's Hospitals for which ALL services are provided at NO CHARGE.

It is these hospitals throughout the world that treat the poor for little or no charge. BTW, I know of many churches and other religious institutions that help feed the poor. Not just with food pantries but just a meal to someone who is needed. Building and running hospitals to care for the poor are part of the religious missions of these groups. There are many who will subsidize care, fund research and offer care for the terminally ill. These hospitals provide care not just for the patients (and family) physical health but also their religious and spiritual health.

Are there any atheist ones that do this? HA HA HA HA HA HA How many hospitals has the church of the American Atheist Association built? The only atheist hospitals I know of are the corporate run ones. Of course with those profit is the mission not health.

The rest of your blather is just your typical ignorance, hate, drivel and arrogance.

It's totally good when religion is a reason for people to join together to help other people! Or what if some religious group decided that helping the Earth God made for them was important? :O OMG, well I won't hold my breath for that one..

It was still created by people though, to fill a empty place.. I am not putting it down, especially since it's such a help to so many, but I am scared lately at how far everyone goes for God, how positively sure they are that their story is the right one. If the world falls apart because people can't stop fighting for God then everyone loses no matter what they believe.
by Jyl [+]

(Fiddle I did NOT mean to talk near you, I've learned to back away from almost everyone here, but we typed at the same time. Peace please, okay..)
by Jyl [+]

(and I am not an "Athiest" exactly.. in case my chances with not getting you started)
by Jyl [+]

^mean either. Actually i'm not religious at all. but still believe in God
that was me
by aya [+]

Judaism provides the hope that you can get Christians to fight your wars for you.
FiddleFaddleOnLSD- The population of atheist among Doctors and the scientists that find cures for diseases is far higher than in the general population. Athiest make up a small portion of society but their contributions to the field of medicine is too large to ignore. It's great that religous people build hospitals it's just unfortunate that they are just as good at buildiung them as they are at filling them up.
Voted : They have hope just not the false hope religion offers.
Science. A being like god can exist and there are forms of an afterlife but as for what they really are...?
neothe1, fivenotes, so what would you say to someone who only has religious faith to hold on to? I'm assuming you're both doing well for yourselves. You have a relatively comfortable life? What do you say to a starving person in Malawi, or a woman in Afghanistan? "God doesn't exist; but don't worry, there's science?"
by aya [+]

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