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[+] joke ballot by cranky

Another ballot to stick it to B&W's resident vote spammer.

Jimmy Carter is greater than Israel sucks
Israel sucks more than Jimmy Carter is great

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Voted : Jimmy Carter is greater than Israel sucks
So what do you think cranky just because a person supports Israel they can't be critical of them?Let me clear that notion from you're mind and say that Israel has made a hughe mistake by releasing those Fatah terrorist they had in custody and they will regret it.To some Israel can do no wrong but to me it is just as flawed as any other nation.
My last two ballots are poking fun at a long-time B&W user, whose yarmulke is apparently screwed on too tight. He's started going around to ballots having to do with Jimmy Carter, Israel, or Jews and vote spamming them with anti-Carter or pro-Israel/Jews votes.

I decided to frustrate him, by putting up a couple of ballots that he can't spam, but are on his favorite topics.

^^ Gee, I wonder if he'll complain, perhaps?

To ^ AND ^^ FLOL!!!!!
Voted : Israel sucks more than Jimmy Carter is great
Hey Cranky, once again, excellent ballot choice!

Hey Beel, where you get the photo of FFDLSD? I surely would love to get a copy!

Now to the ballot question Batman!

Yes, Jimmy, what a humanitarian indeed...What a difficult choice, hmmmmmmmmmm...I'll go with my choice above for $1 Alex...

the dude in the picture is freaking me out. his nose looks like a dick. an ugly dick, but a dick all the same.

^I would guess that is Shylock?

you gotta be careful not to let someone turn you into a hater.

don't hate their nationality, just because of a few fruit loops. Plenty of jewish people in israel who doesn't support the policies of genocide.
by LCD [+]

I don't hate Israel. But I don't think that their persecution makes them exempt from criticism either.
if that's what shylock's nose looks like skylab i'd like to get a peek under that robe.
ehhhhh...i don't get why this ballot is in the private section
by aya [+]

Voted : Israel sucks more than Jimmy Carter is great
Jimmy Carter was the worst politically inept and unpopular president in modern history. Only Jimmy Carter could have faltered in so many areas (economy, foreign affairs, honesty).
Voted : Israel sucks more than Jimmy Carter is great
Jimmy Carter was definitely the most underrated President of all time. And it's good to see in this picture that not all Jewish people are solidly behind Israel. Jews are cool; Israel isn't.

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