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[+] serious ballot by mojo

I'm ready to share this with you guys now. It happened nearly five weeks ago. My beloved alter-ego, Mojo, died after a long, terrible struggle with a rare form of cancer. He was a brave and wonderful soul, and I am heartbroken now he is gone. I am not handling it well. Any advice on how to move on?

(Please be kind.)

Awww, i'm sorry
Rest in peace Ol' Steel whiskers
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Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
My cats look similar to him, he was a very beautiful cat...i love my cats. We've had our oldest for about 9 years now? We bought him from a shelter, a "kill" shelter when he was about 3 years old. He's our big fluffy best friend now and we'll be feeling this way when he goes...
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
I remember when my cat Midnite died few years ago, my well meaning aunt brought me another one, but Midnite couldn't be replaced. I guess our good friend time is the only thing that heals the pain. :(
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
I'm sorry for your loss. They sure do break your heart. Maybe you could get a kitten and love it.
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
I had a 12 year old cat that died many years ago and I still get teary-eyed when I start thinking about her. She was a black cat named Spot!
I don't have any advice on how to move on, other than to say that if you were really close to your cat, that this is like losing a family member and the pain isn't going to go away any time soon. If you have other cats, spend some quality time with them. Cats have a way of soothing ones soul.
My aunt had a dog that died like 20 years ago and she still cries over it if we get on the subject of her dog.

Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
i'm really sorry to hear that. maybe try to accept that you won't move on as it were, but that you'll be able to accept the loss -- and though that takes time, your fond memories will help. i think rws is right in that you'll probably always grieve to an extent but with time the pain will soften and you'll remember the happy times with your cat more than any sad memories. he was a goregeous cat, that's for sure.
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
I am so sorry. Good kitties, like good people, just donot live long enough. And, when they suffer an illness, it is doubly hard. What a beautiful kittie !

When the time is right, there will be another little furry friend to take care of you and your family. I just know it !

Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
That's sad. Another cat wouldn't be the same, but you might get another anyway.
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
But you have to go on. He'd want that of you.
One thing I did when I lost my Kay was to change the flow of my life. Not drastically, just rearrange things. Same things done at different times. Adjusting to the new patternings can help. I hope.
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
Sorry to hear about Mojo. Know it's hard. I agree with what Skylab said. It'll never be the same, but getting another cat might help to fill the void a little. Good luck.
Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
that's so sad mojo.
our dog is very sick right now - my daughter is very attached to her and we are not sure if she'll pull through - so i know how hard it must be for you.
i wish i had some advice - i don't know how to comfort my daughter - she is heartbroken, but at least there is still a chance.

Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
I am sure he is sitting in kitty heaven right now, full of toy mice and cans of tuna, grateful for the life you have given him.

Sorry for your loss, I know how much these little furry creatures affect some of us... but he would want you to carry on strong with all the good memories you shared together.

It's been a while, have you considered adopting a mojo jr yet?
by LCD [+]

Voted : Awww, i'm sorry
At least you have some great photos and memories of him.
Voted : Rest in peace Ol' Steel whiskers

Sorry for your loss.

Try to let remembering the good times shadow the feelings of missing him and be happy for him that his suffering is finally over, he's found peace.

Voted : Rest in peace Ol' Steel whiskers
A very hard five weeks :hug:

Mojo is an angel, I'm so glad he had true love.
by Jyl [+]

Voted : Rest in peace Ol' Steel whiskers
When someone is a part of us, as was the case with Mojo and you, we feel like a part of us has gone. Remember, though, that a part of HIM still resides here, IN YOU. Things he enjoyed, enjoy them. Things he did for you, pass on to others. It's rather like a blending of the physical and the metaphysical. And, since you might be able to communicate that with others in a way he could not. He was a blessing in your life. You can continue to enrich your life with the memories by turning them into something positive in this way.

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