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This last week I was watching an episode of Mind of Mencia, a comedy show I tend to enjoy watching whenever I catch it on. But one thing disturbed me this last week when watching it. Carlos Mencia made a joke regarding Steve Irwin's (Crocodile hunter) death. He called Steve Irwin a fucking idiot and mocked the way he died. I couldn't help but cringe and changed the channel. I wasn't a huge fan of Steve Irwin myself but I admired his work and I don't think it's right to insult anyone who has died even if they are dead theres just something wrong about it, well exceptions to Hitler and Stalin and all those people who deserved to die. Steve Irwin was not a bad person, neither was he an idiot. He did a lot for the environment and for the animal kingdom. He had guts to do things no one had the balls to do. Carlos Mencia is the real fucking idiot here and I think he's just jealous of Steve Irwin that he had more balls then Carlos Mencia could ever suck in his life. I'd like to see Carlos try and handle a cobra or a crocodile, I bet the moment he sees one he pisses his little panties and runs away like the pussy he is. Carlos never did anything to help anybody or anything, he just insults ethnic groups and pisses people off. He degrades himself each time he appears on TV. In Carlos's world where everyone is a Dee dee dee! Carlos is the biggest Dee dee dee! So I want everyone's opinions, who thinks Carlos Mencia (Ned Arnel Mencia real name) is a Douche bag?

Yes he's a douche bag
No he's not a douche bag

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I don't think he's a very nice person making jokes of someone's death, I've also noticed that seems to be the thing to do these days. Not that it's right,but for whatever reason, people do it.
Voted : Yes he's a douche bag
he's a product though
by Jyl [+]

Voted : No he's not a douche bag
I admit, he does make me chuckle. Some times he goes over the edge, but then again political correctness is for douchebags.

That on and off fake gangsta posing act he does kind of wears thin with me, though.

I still would like to see him kick Joe Rogan's ass.

Mencia's comedy is completely watered down. I could actually feel myself getting dumber after 5 minutes.

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