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[+] joke ballot by Colin_B

You know being "Politically correct" has gone on too far when...

The comic "B.C. (Before Christ)" changes to "B.C.E (Before Common Era)" to avoid offending atheists.
Extra terrestrials are now refered to as "alternitivly evolved beings".
Ghosts are now called "life impared".
"Ass hole" is too vulgar it must now be called "Rectal Hole".
You have to apologize for calling someone "politically correct"
"Politically Correctness " conflicts with itself... (see example)
You say a pathological liar is "honesty other enabled"

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Voted : "Politically Correctness " conflicts with itself... (see example)
The game of "lifeboat," introduced in 1972 classrooms to teach values clarification made children decide who should live, and who should die in a shipwreck situation where there were only a certain # of seats available. What's politically correct depends upon how you look at it. You can't play that game, IMO, without being politically incorrect... And yet, some "politically correct nazis" would say you can...
Voted : "Politically Correctness " conflicts with itself... (see example)
When it denies the reality of everybody except those it upholds as standards of perfection. It should not be called "Poltically Correct"; it should be called "Politically Perfect". Calling a person of small stature "height impaired" means he or she is impaired, defective, and that only one height is the right one--and not the one they have. Calling someone mentally challenged (it really is a smug insult) implies that their reality is invalid. Etcetera. I could name quite a few, but I am sure you catch my drift. To me, politcal correctness is almost like a form of socialism or something where those who are different are impaired, and always described in terms of what they are not. Political correctness gives me the creeps.

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