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[+] serious ballot by Grapost

You know. Tell us about the idiot you sat next to that continually kicked the back of your seat, spilled a drink on you, snored the whole flight, smelled real bad, wouldn't shut up, the mother with the crying baby who did nothing, etc.

Happened To Me
Never Happened To Me
Changed My Seat
Complained To Stewardess
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I haven't flown enough to have experiences with obnoxious people on planes
Voted : Never Happened To Me
Guess I've been lucky to date.
Voted : Happened To Me
An 8 hour flight. The person should have bought two seats. 'Nuff said?
Voted : Happened To Me
Do you want to hear about the woman in the seat in front of me who was using nail polish remover or another time when I was sitting there doing my cross-stitch and the guy next to me broke out his cross-stitch and started giving me cross-stitching tips?
^ REALLY?! That is priceless, LOL!!!
Voted : Never Happened To Me
I've been lucky I guess.
Voted : Happened To Me
She sat next to me on the plane with her out of control, Insolent,
Spoiled, little, snot-nosed, brats. Climbing all over me, acting like animals and screaming for minutes on end! Next time Iím leaving her and the kids at home!! :o)

^ I meant
SHIT, why don't I just try LMAO @ Britvic's comment.
Voted : Never Happened To Me
I sat next to a supermodel once.

she looked real nice, and I was too shy, so I just worked on my computer.

I was real dumb back then :(
by LCD [+]

Sat next to someone who talked to me about genealogy and the various websites, but who ended up being a Latter Day Saint member (Mormon). That was scary and uncomfortable!!!
Voted : Happened To Me
I couldn't do anything--she happened to be my wife.

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