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[+] joke ballot by RunsWithScissors

Pillow Fighting Championships ~ Kenwood, California
Humungus Fungus Festival ~ Crystal Falls, Michigan
Mountain Moonshine Festival ~ Dawsonville, Georgia
Rattlesnake Roundup ~ Sweetwater, Texas
Outhouse Races ~ Conconully, Washington
Bonnie and Clyde Festival ~ Gibsland, Louisiana
Middle of Nowhere Celebration ~ Ainsworth, Nebraska
Big Mountain Furniture Race ~ Whitefish, Montana
Fire Ant Festival ~Marshall, Texas
Big Whopper Liar's Contest ~ New Harmony, Indiana
Sleazefest ~ Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Testicle Festival ~ Clinton, Montana
Cornhole Tournament - North Huntington, Pennsylvania
Macaroni Festival ~ Victoria, Texas
Belly Dance Festival ~ Snowbird, Utah
Dirt Bag Day ~ Bozeman, Montana
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Voted : Cornhole Tournament - North Huntington, Pennsylvania
They are having one next Saturday.

ballot #79221
Voted : Middle of Nowhere Celebration ~ Ainsworth, Nebraska
The odd thing is why I keep receiving gilt-edged invitations to it every year...

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