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[+] serious ballot by Barbara_Baby_Cakes

Why aren't there people willing to live by the rules agreed upon by all the candidates by the Democratic Party? The young people of this country are watching the adults who are now wanting to have the rules changed in mid flow of this years nomination campaign. When an individual situation changes, especially when they find themselves in a position they did not anticipated and suddenly want the rules to be modified to give them possibly an advantage, that then sends out a mix message to the youth that, "win at all cost, no matter the rules that are at hand." As adults, we should not through our actions and decision making process give the impression to our youth that rules are just merely words to be ignored unless it gives them the advantage...

So, what say you, do you support and live your lives by the rules governed by your government and/or Political Party...And is this a case of Hillary attempting to get a second bite at the apple when she like the other candidates agreed that the Florida and Michigan delegates would not be seated at the DNC Convention...

Yes, I believe that rules are important and not taken lightly.
No, if those rules are not within the context of fairness, then I do not live by them.
Yes, this is an example of Hillary getting a second bite at the apple.
No, this is not an example of Hillary getting a second bite at the apple, all votes should count.

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The people of Florida and Michigan did nothing wrong and have the right to vote, the ruling by the party not to allow their vote to count should be appealed, IMO, regardless who it would benefit, Obama or Clinton.
^ I don't agree with voters having their votes stripped from them, for the Democratic Party members to set such a rule is unquestionably a sin at best...

However, Hillary, Obama, Edwards and all the other candidates agreed at the start, that those who violate the rules, their voters will not be allowed to vote.

What I disagree with is, when Hillary found herself behind in the count, she now want the rules to be modified with the hopes she can make a case to the superdelegates that she should be the nominee.

You can not agree with the rules in the begining and then when you are behind demand that the rules are changed...Had the roles been reversed and Obama was behind and demanded that the rules are changed to possibly advantage him, Hillary and her supporters would be outraged...

Rules are for those who like them and for those who do not...You can't agree with rule and come back and disagree with those same rules because they don't benefit your situation...This is why I don't support her, it is either her way or no way at all, she behaviors like a spoiled brat and Obama as been a gentleman throughout the process, had he responded in the manner that I would have to her insults, he would have been attacked by her supporter with such viciousness and accused of being a sexist...So, he can't win in responding in the same manner she attacks him and I think that is Bull...

to answer the ballot question, if I think it's unfair, no, I'll switch, I don't consider myself to be locked into to one party anyways.

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