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[+] serious ballot by thesoothsayer

...Not a single luxury, like Robinson Crusoe, They're primitive as can be... (tip of the hat to Gilligan) How long have you gone without electricity and "modern conveniences" ? You never miss the water until the well runs dry...
I survived for:

One day
Two days
Three days
Four days
Five Days
Six Days
One week
Two weeks
Three weeks
A month
Nine months
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Voted : One day
And then it's a soft room with a tie-down dinner jacket as wardrobe...
Voted : Three days
^ LOL. Black-tie and straight jacket -- a new fashion MUST ;-))

Happened to me about 5 years ago. I HATED it. But my major concern was keeping my aquarium fish alive.

(Addendum: Talk about Bad Hair Days!)

mojo, I did pull off about fifty hours without, back in the winter of 2000, when a serious ice storm tore through Atlanta. I was toast after a day, as I said, reading when I had light, tearing my eyes up to read by flashlight when it was dark. Didn't sleep a wink. When I heard the refrigerator kick in to indicate that power was back on, I ran for the computer, surfed for three hours to catch up on the news.
Voted : Three days
My family used to live in the mountains outside Las Vegas. We got a heavy snow (12 feet) and a bad freeze and all the wells froze. It took about three days before we could get the National Guard to bring up huge vats of bad tasting water. But at least it was water. For those 3 days until we got the water, we had to dig up snow in buckets, melt it on the stove (we did have electricity), remove rabbit and squirrel hair and pine needles and then boil the water. A completely packed BIG bucket of snow makes very little water. We had to do this all day long.
Voted : Nine months
We had a truck to drive, but no lights or water while we were building our house. We cooked outside, got our water from the creek, and handwashed our clothes.

And we loved every day of it.

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