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Everybody is making big bucks. Did you ever make any money?

nope, $0
less than $100
less than $1000
less than $10000
less than $100000
less than 1 million
more than 1 million

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I sell items on multiple auction sites. I make good money.

It's alot of work, and that is why more people don't do it.

They think the money is just gonna fall into their lap. As soon as they find out there is work involved they quit.

Voted : nope, $0
I'm a buyer online... a couple of times I wish I had went to the mall first but mostly I'm happy with my purchases...
Voted : nope, $0
Excuse me while I chortle...
I've made some money from my Web site.

And on ebay -- not bidding, but using their Buy Now option to buy all kinds of products. For example, today I needed a medication for my pets. There were vendors on ebay selling it for 1/2 the price of anyone else. Cheap and easy -- you can't beat that.

Saving money = MAKING money.

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