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President-elect Barack Obama is pushing Congress this year to approve as much as $50 billion to save cash-starved U.S. automakers and appoint a czar or board to oversee the companies, a move that would require President George W. Bush's support, people familiar with the matter said.

wasn't he supposed to change away from the policies of Bush administration. What the F%^&* is he doing promoting corporate welfare?

they replaced Obama with a Republican shill clone
he is too weak willed to think outside the republican box
how about letting the man actually take office first?
Obama lied to us.
Probably in his pocket.
Change his diaper already
Change in direction is what he's seeking
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wake up Obama, remember the promise you made to the american public!!!
by LCD [+]

Voted : they replaced Obama with a Republican shill clone
hahaha.. he's a politician. Did you really believe everything he said during his campaign?
geesh lcd, calm down. the man's not even in the oval office yet. man you turn on people fast. it's like you loved him till he actually won and now you're being unrealistic and almost like a split personality.

as for the auto bailout. you pick - help them through the economic downturn or one of them goes under and the mess would be severely worse. so which is it?

and he never said he would not use economic stimulus measures. never once said he wouldn't.

post script. lcd in case you didn't know, much of the stimulus pacakages are actually low or no interest lons. the auto industry would have to repay the money. in case you didn't know.
LaNeve said GM needs the quick appropriation of the first $25 billion loans already approved by Congress and needs a second package of another $25 billion in loans to "weather the storm," a dealer told Reuters.

to give an idea of perspective -

LaNeve told dealers the cost of allowing this industry to fail would be "catastrophic" as it would lead to a loss of 3 million jobs within the first year, U.S. personal income reduction of $150.7 billion and a government tax loss over three years of more than $156 billion.

you should know money is a transient form of power exchange. if you really think that loans (printed in masse by the treasury and flooded into the market) doesn't have significant effect on everybody else, your thinking is flawed.

as for me turning on BHO, I responded more fully on your newer ballot.
by LCD [+]

Voted : how about letting the man actually take office first?
Christ you idiot, on some issues YOUR HANDS ARE TIED!

On this issue there are only TWO CHOICES, let them go bankrupt putting millions of people out of work or trying to help them stay afloat until things get better. Which would you choose? What is YOUR alternative to those two choices?

You're only looking to BLAME not to understand.

The number of people who would lose their jobs is 10 times the number of auto workers. The auto industry has TONS of SUPPLIERS who manufacture parts and supply them.
The auto indrustry makes CARS not PARTS!

For alot of suppliers the auto industry is THERE ONLY CUSTOMER.

If the auto makers go down, they take hundreds of thousands of other job with them, and other SMALL BUSINESSES WITH THEM?

So come, tell us WHAT SHOULD BE DONE, since you don't like what is being done?

the treasury has not printed money for these "loans." and even if they did print money how would it be flooed into the market? if it were loan to the auto industry in effect, it would flow into the market just like it always has.

and so you know, that is precisely what the major problem is -- not enough capital flowing in and out of the system. didn't you know that? it's called a credit crunch and every single company, whether small or large, here in nyc or in madrid, uses the credit markets for expansion, payroll, you name it. so if money was flowing like you say we wouldn't have this problem.

here's my question to you - would you rather just let the industry implode and if so, why? if not, then what do you propose?

what should be done?

let the f***ers go bankrupt. quickly buy off their assets, and give some COMPETENT people in the industry grants and loans to run the farm.

you think upper managements, designers from Honda, Toyota and Nissans are above free million dollar mansions in Michigan, 10 million dollar signing bonuses to become a US citizen and run a successful auto company?

instead of parroting all the fear mongering by the establishment, consider what you are supporting. You are leaving the idiots who ran the companies into the ground to continue their ways for longer periods. OK, after they get all the money/loans, which they sqander on BONUSES, COMPANY RETREATS, AND BUYING EACH OTHER TO CREATE STRONGER MONOPOLIES, they still need more money, and if the government can't deliever, without having Zimbabwean inflation?

time for a change grapost, you idiot :)

"For alot of suppliers the auto industry is THERE ONLY CUSTOMER. "

yeah, real smart move that. maybe they should go bankrupt, or *shock* adapt to REAL LIFE!
by LCD [+]

GOD, there are people in LINE to buy priuses, waiting on lists a mile long, and the japanese are sitting on their asses so they can keep the prices sky high.

just imagine what american car company, making the same product, (which costs lot less to make - they can be turned out 1/2 their selling price) and start builing in detroit and slap a $5000 subsidy on each one and sell it to americans waiting to buy priuses.

I don't see why people don't see this.
by LCD [+]

^ oh, okay. so just let 3 million people get laid off. that would really help. and i'm not parroting anything. thanks. i think i have a pretty good grasp of the situation. did you really investigate this? cuz if you did, not only would you see that these are loans and not handouts but part of the deal is that the companies have to make systemic changes. and so you know, industries all over the world get government support -- as did honda and toyota during the banking collapse in japan back in the 90's. see i am more than just a pretty face.

now calm down. drink some camomile tea and chant some zen like prayers.

I don't see why people don't see this.
by LCD on Thu Nov 13, 08 2:47pm

^ must be nice to be right all the time. hey, maybe you should have run for president.

read the full report on what changes the auto makers have to meet to get the loans.

to kev: there seem to be a definite disconnect between those who consider these massive "liquidity injection/loans" and the money supply in US.

maybe you can enlighten me : is it your contention that the AVAILABILITY of money to key banks and industry, doesn't have a detrimental effect on the money supply and perceived values of the currency therein?
by LCD [+]

by the way, those comments were to grapost, kev24.
by LCD [+]

"^ oh, okay. so just let 3 million people get laid off. that would really help"

that's gonna happen whether you like it or not.

question is how fast we get those people working again in industries that actually makes sense.
by LCD [+]

"maybe you should have run for president."

I am an anarchist, remember? I don't believe in kings/saviours/fairies.
by LCD [+]

Voted : how about letting the man actually take office first?
Voted : how about letting the man actually take office first?
^ What the Wise Lady upstairs said.
I really don't know what to think. GM and Ford should go belly up if they can't compete, but massive layoffs would be the cost. If only Honda would buy them. Maybe the government should buy and sell them?
Yay mandatory service under the slave master B.O.
The CEO of those auto companies need to take a 50% pay cut and limited stock options and no outrageous fringe benefits. They want to keep their candy. They would probably cry if their salary was cut 5% and they had to pay half of their health care benefits.
Change mumble mumble mumble mumble. Mumble mumble mumble change. Mumble change mumble mumble change. Change mumble mumble mumble mumble. Change.

Don't anyone get disappointed when you realise that Obama came out with a load of vague rhetoric to get himself elected, then continues Bush's good work of fucking America up.

^ yeah but what was the alternative? old fart on the edge of alzheimers and Palin?

by LCD [+]

^Hillary Clinton should have been our president this time.
What if that Berg Lawsuit was a plot or ploy to get Hillary elected President by Congress by trying to declare Obama ineligible?
That would be a LONG LONG shot and a pipe dream--in my opinion.

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