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[+] serious ballot by Grapost

BALLOT 131710 was blocked by LCD because the author DARED ask why LCD allowed one banned user back but not another one the Ballot Writer thought should be reinstated "counciltucky"

LCD's response was to BLOCK THE BALLOT!

Again he's proves himself to be a Tryrant!

How Dare that Ballot Writer Question LCD's Actions!
Serves that Ballot Writer Right. He should Suck Up to him Like I Do!
He should learn to bend over for LCD. It didn't hurt me at all!
LCD Has Once Again proven the theory that small minds and small dicks go together
You're still here. Doesn't that prove you wrong?
LCD is not the Babysitter.
Maybe LCD should be our President. Grapost is sore.
Big fucking deal - get a life you total loser Grapost

Ballot #131718 :
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it was written by a repeat abuser, logging in once again. He is not allowed, I expelled him. once a new user is expelled, all their entries goes bye bye.

if you don't like it, you know where you can stuff it, grapost. :)

by LCD [+]

and yeah, real original. counciltucky re-re-re-registering to ask how he should be reinstated after all the abuse over the last year.
by LCD [+]

okay grapost, you are now frozen. email me if you want to be reinstated. maybe a week away from the site will do you good.

by LCD [+]

I have to give him credit though... I laughed my ass off at that picture. lol
This is what I was talking about with the whole banning/censoring people who you dislike thing.

I don't like stalkers. I don't crave attention.

Grapost have made continuous comments towards me, in ballots that has nothing to do with the topics discussed. I warned him several times about what's coming.

maybe you guys can go bother someone else, neh?
by LCD [+]

I don't know exactly why C-Tuck was banned to begin with, but was it so bad that he wasn't given a second chance here? I realize that he admitted to some of the sabotage ballots, but you already know he's not the only one doing it. If you let him back on the site, he won't be making any more of those attack ballots.

There's a reason these banned users want to return to this site, and that's because it's something unique and fun at times. Everybody deserves a second chance without restrictions.

^While I don't fully understand the history to these individuals, I tend to agree with RunsWithScissors. It's better the have someone inside the tent pissing out then the other way around, besides, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra (positive) traffic around here. But that's just my two cents.
there's one lesson I've learned about people. There are some sickos out there.

You have not seen what I have seen. I do not wish to deal with these individuals, who have spent the last 5 years making more work for me than everyone else combined. I don't deal with stalkers and sickos. They will not be allowed on site period.
by LCD [+]

Voted : LCD is not the Babysitter.
IMO, If you can't be polite, be nice, play nice, You shouldn't be allowed to play at all.

I really have no problem with any of them but I've seen some of the problems they cause and think LCD shouldn't have to be a constant moderator or babysit because of the unnecessary BS.

We have to choose our battles in life if we don't want to be in a constant war with the world. I think LCD has had enough and just wants a little peace of mind w/o all the childish antagonism and non-sense. That's my two cents anyway.

^ britvic is the biggest suckup I know :) he tried to brown nose me so many times....

by LCD [+]

As if, lol, you can show them the neg k you just received. :o)
^not only is he a suckup, he gets jealous so easily....

told ya brivic, I don't swing that way, I am strictly butter side up :)
by LCD [+]

'I don't swing that way, I am strictly butter side up :)'

Haha, you sure? Then why did you get all pissy, and give me neg k, when I interrupted pASSive's pillow talk to you. ;o)

"your gay"?


Yeah, you got me. I are gay :)
by LCD [+]

Hey, I never wrote the damn thing. It was mincing around google pics.
'when I interrupted pASSive's pillow talk to you.'

yeah, you are such a cockblocker... LOL
by LCD [+]

Brit, Are you sure you're british (and not buttish) because the british people I've encountered are the most well bred and respectful people on the planet.

Judging from your ill-mannered, carnal minded insults to several members on this site, I'd guess you came from in-bred, American Ozark hillbillies seeking vengence because your sister spewed your wad from her mouth on your honeymoon. ;o)

BTW, I wasn't sucking up, My comment is what's called compassion, empathy, logic, and cosideration for others. Something you could learn.

At least you might try to honor your heritage w/o further embarrasment to you countrymen :o)
passiveson, a bigger man would have let this by without making further comment.

You gotta learn how to deal with people on the net. Just let things rest, if you can't make jest of the whole situation.
by LCD [+]

I only posted a pic. To be honest, lcd, I think you made it end up lookin' much worse, lol.
yep, I should have known better than getting between a lover's quarrel :_)
by LCD [+]

Aww, don't be like that. I wouldn't want to steal it away from ya. Anyways, he's not interested in me, he's only got eyes for you. :o)
Check your 'attention lcd' messages. pASSives attempting to tattle tale on Grapost for calling you names. The apple's probably in the post. ;o)
*Oh brit*,
how wrong you are, I've always longed for a bit of 'Spotted Penis' LOL.

& El, You're right, My bad.

^Awwww, goood doggie! Mayby 'El' will throw you his bone, lol.
britvic is so gay for passiveon it's not even funny...

watch him follow him from ballot to ballot....

you should be flattered :)
by LCD [+]

Can't I have both? I feel so gypted! How do ya spell gypted anyway?
Oh man, you fags sure stick together, in more ways than one. :o)
Um, sorry man, I'm not gay (though if I was I'd go fo Kev24 over you) I thought Britvic stood for Britney Victoria. :o(
You're so far in the closet you're in Narnia.
You gotta learn how to deal with people on the net. Just let things rest, if you can't make jest of the whole situation.
by LCD on Tue Dec 09, 08 7:08pm


You gotta learn how to deal with people on the net. Just let things rest, if you can't make jest of the whole situation.
by LCD on Tue Dec 09, 08 7:08pm

You hypocrite! Once again you say one thing and then do another.

Is banning someone for a week "letting it rest and making jest of the situation?"

You showed how you "deal with people." YOU BAN THEM!

Thanks for letting me back so I can tell you off again.

This the what he left for me! WHAT A THIN SKIN THIS GUY HAS!

Received karma rating of : -5 from LCD
For the Ballot #131718 @
- do not make another ballot about me. I am tired of your unwanted obsessive love ballot

What would a casual observer who happened across this site and this ballot for the first time make of it before he quickly exited?

It's pitiful - and symbolic of all that's gone wrong with B&, especially galling is to see LCD flying without wings to actively participate in this ghastly downward spiral.

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