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You know what they say... when you gotta go, you gotta go... have you ever had to go, and there was no "rest" area available, or chose not to hold it for some reason, where did you "go" ?

Out the window
Fire hydrant
Telephone pole
On the wall
in the alley
Behind the tree
Swiming pool
Bath tub
Shower drain
French drain
Vegetable garden
Flower garden
I wear Depends
Into a fan that was turned on.
Off of a roof.
Out the screen window of a tent while camping
In a coffee can
Out of a car window.
On a live-fire range

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Voted : Into a fan that was turned on.
I did it as a kid people. Too bad it goes everywhere.
The "Pee things" (in picture) are in New Amsterdam, (note lack of hygene accomodations)...
Voted : Out the screen window of a tent while camping
My cousin did this when we went camping one time. He got pretty drunk and finally stumbled into his tent to go to sleep or pass-out, whichever. Once he got inside the tent, he realized that he needed to pee. His wife was already sleeping next to the tent screen window, and he thought he would be able to pee over her and out the window. Needless to say, he didn't quite make it out the window and she was rudely awakened by being peed on by her drunk husband! LOL
Voted : In a coffee can
I know this is indelicate for a lady to talk about, but you did ask. I severely threw my back once and could not even bend to pick up the phone! I could only move my feet a few centimeters at a time. I had to move by grasping the carpet fibers in my toenails and dragging myself along. I had to pee and I could not bend to sit on the toilet seat, so I knocked an empty coffee can onto the floor (it landed upright). I pushed it laboriously by increments from the kitchen into the bathroom and stood over it and peed in it. Thankfully, I was...desnuda.
I find it "very interesting" that those urinals in the picture are so close together. Friends that pee together stay together?
Out of a car window travelling down the motorway. It was dead of night and pitch black, so it was all good. Don't think it would have been a good idea in the daytime though.
Voted : Out of a car window.
Oh, I better add that I wasn't driving at the time.
When I was a kid at a cub scout camp, I took a dump in a gap the bushes and for the next few days the others were wondering who dumped the dog shit in their hiding spot. I even saw a kid upset talking to one of the leaders saying that someone had spoiled their fun by dumping dog poo in 'their spot.' I heard another say 'it kinda looks like human shit.'
I kept my mouth shut.

Voted : On a live-fire range
With about sixty middies and Marines looking on.
My cousin once dropped trou and took a dump while on water skis when he was younger. Thought that was worth sharing...
Voted : Sink
Shirley Bassey was invited to play at CBGBs (for some reason punks love her) anyway when she got there she asked "doesn't my dressing room have a washroom?". "Sorry Mrs. Bassey but our guests tend to use the sink" was the reply. She said "ok, that's fine". What a trooper!
Shirley got the last laugh though, she had a shit. :o)
Yeah, sure Britvic, Exposing yourself in public! Sounds like your the moral sort to be criticizing me!

Down a motorway, past an elementry school during recess no doubt!

^ Nope, I stated exactly where it happened, can't you read? Ya dusty, decrepid ol' sadsack. Go carry on drooling over your school uniform catalogue.
And go and research what a Brit motorway looks like before making such foolish statements as there'd be a school on one. Ignorant tit.
'past an elementry school during recess no doubt!'

I see you've thoroughly researched the best time to expose yourself outside an elementary school though.

Sure I can read, I read where you wrote you were hanging it out on a public motor way. that's indecent exposure in my country. Shsme on you!
Well, you'd know, wouldn't ya?

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