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[+] joke ballot by UncleRandy

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Benjamin Button's great grandkids kids. Who's really what age???
(Singing) We've got to get out of this place... If it's the last thing we ever do...
"A star is born"...
The Tranya boy has added music to his festivities
"Do the CLAM! Do the CLAM!!!".
These people stole a wax efigy of Deliverance from madam Tusssauds Wax Museum
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Voted : The Tranya boy has added music to his festivities
AKA Clint Howard
Voted : "Do the CLAM! Do the CLAM!!!".
Elvis has reincarnated.
These people stole a wax effigy of Deliverance from madam Tussaud's Wax Museum...

And they were so rough with it, one of its eyes fell out.

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