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Forget the politicians they never will, but without causing great hardship, is Is it theoretically possible?

Yes with major cuts in programs
Yes with major tax hikes
Yes if we spend our money in America

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Where would the major cuts have to be?
Voted : yes
stop the spending.
by LCD [+]

Voted : yes
With *both* cuts in programs and tax hikes. Exactly where the cuts would be made would be determined by whomever's in power at the time, and what they may deem necessary to the greater good. It's a scary prospect.
Voted : yes
Yes, and they better.. fast! It's absurd how we allow our government to spend more than it can afford. However, I listen a lot...and very carefully. The problem is, the American citizen wants it all: generous social programs, medicare, a strong military, etc., etc., but yet does not want a defecit and does not want more taxes. So just where is the money supposed to come from?

LCD wrote "stop the spending." On what? Should they cut social security? Should they cut Medicaid to the poor? Should they cut Medicare? To hear Americans, our government does nothing for us...yet oddly, the government is spending more than it budgets for. So cut spending and people will be unhappy. Increase taxes and people will be unhappy. The result? A budget defecit and...people are unhappy. :) Not a position I would want to be in.

Voted : No
Filing for Bankrupty is out of the question too.
Voted : yes
yes, within 10 years, now that GWB is out of office.
by ABC [+]

Voted : yes
What LCD said. Cut the real pork and the wasteful spending. A 100k to study a snail, or 2 million to construct an ancient canoe isn't crap and will at least teach someone somewhere something. The real waste is things like the unreconciled 25 million, credit card abuse and embezzled money within government agencies, manipulation to encourage spending, 100 million dollars worth of wasted airline tickets, etc...

And major programs need some tidying up too. Medicare is famous for it's overspending and pays up to eight times more for drugs and equipment than other government agencies pay. Fraud and error in administration also pays pretty well. But when you mention "cutting spending" and "Medicare" in the same sentence, it sends up red flags and no one wants to touch it.

Voted : Yes if we spend our money in America
We have to cut outsourcing of jobs to reasonable levels, stop trying to police the world, create our own fuel here, create more of our own products here. As long as we spend our own money here then it circulates among Americans and can be taxed if needed.

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