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[+] serious ballot by RunsWithScissors

Churches expect you to tithe, to give 10% of your income. If you can't tithe, any donation you make to the church is more than welcome. You're giving to the church and to God.

I don't agree with donations made to the church being tax-deductible. How is it a donation when you can turn around and use it as write-off on your taxes?

Should tithes and other donations given to the church be tax-deductible?

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Voted : No
I say no because, IMO, the tax system as set up is half the reason we're in such a state that President Obama is working to hike taxes on the Top Two Percent. As you said, Scissors, this would only induce people to give more to churches, not for any charitable end, but merely to get more money back.
^Exactly. If you're giving for selfish reasons, then you're not giving from the heart.
Voted : No
^ I agree, RWS.
Voted : No
..And for those who didn't already know, it is an allowed tax write-off.
I used to argue this point with my parents, but my words fell on deaf ears.

Voted : Yes
Under new tax laws, you have to show a receipt to deduct any donations from your taxes, so I'm not sure that it's tax deductible I guess the way it used to be. It's allowed, but now if you get audited, for every single charitable donation, you have to have the receipt as proof.

In my opinion, if donating to the Church were to become completely non-deductible, then no donations to any charity should be.

Mojo, so then do you agree that all donations should be exempt from deductions? e.g. if a person donates to a wildlife fund, why should they be able to deduct that from their taxes? Should we eliminate all deductions for charitable causes?
When you tithe at church, they have little envelopes for you to put your name and amount given that week. At the end of the year, the church gives you a statement saying how much you have given to the church in the last year. You use that statement as a receipt for your taxes.

I think it's alright to use other non-religious donations as a tax write-off though.

I didn't realize that. In our Church, it's anonymous, so no one knows how much you gave, if anything. Maybe that's just the way they do it in this particular Church though.
Not everyone fills out those little envelopes, just those who are seeking a tax write-off at the end of the year. I think the majority of the people do make anonymous donations to the church.

I've been in lots of churches who have those little envelopes right there by the hymn books.

Voted : Yes
Charitable donations should be tax deductable. Charities aren't to blame for the governments wasteful spending.
Voted : No
why should church be given special privileges of tax exempt status?
by LCD [+]

I hope they aren't recieving any special deductions other than what is granted to charitable institutions.

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