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your child gets bullied.

Should you call the police, and / or fight out in civil court for damages?

Yes, police should be called.
Yes, fight it out on civil and criminal courts.
Let the school handle it
Let the kids handle it
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Voted : Yes, police should be called.
Before it escalates. Right now, I'm thinking about a story that was reported a few weeks ago, about a group of girls who posted a video on YouTube depicting various ways they wanted to kill a female classmate. Kids are getting too many ideas these days, and need to be steered right. If the parents aren't stepping up front to do the job, maybe law enforcement should.
Voted : Yes, police should be called.
It is likely good that I didn't have a gun when I was in junior high... when you sit on a bus day after day and two people 3 grades above you are hitting you in the back of the head with a closed fist, and this goes on for months...

yah, you see what happens. I always take the accounts of school shootings with a grain of salt, because of that thought.

Voted : Yes, police should be called.
^ wow, that's terrible. and I thought I had it bad :)

kids should really be taught the consequences of their actions. giving them free passes until they turn 18 seem to be encouraging these behaviors. they should be held accountable, no matter what age.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Yes, police should be called.
If it's serious bullying, yes.

"giving them free passes until they turn 18 seem to be encouraging these behaviors."

Exactly. You'd be surprised (or not) at the number of parents who will say things like, "They (the police) cant touch you. You're just kids".

Combating bully behaviour should start at home with the parents. If they can't do it, the police will.

Another reason is that sometimes these bullies have some serious psychological issues going on. Calling the police may the the first step in gettings kids like that the help they need so that the bullying won't turn into something more serious.

Voted : Yes, police should be called.
Then fight it out in civil court. A police report really bolsters your side in a civil case.
Schools ignored the problem when I was a kid. They shouldn't.

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