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ethics :
[+] serious ballot by LCD

only way to save the humanity is to kill off all of your race, including yourself.

it's hypothetical, but think about it a little.

yes, I will sacrifice myself
no, let the humanity die off, if I don't live noone else should either
What a ridiculous question
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Voted : No
There were some who thought they'd eliminate the scourge of humanity and clean things up a little in the U.S. by passing out small pox infected blankets and rotten meat to mine and many of our ancestors.

Any time someone wants to "save humanity" by eliminating a race, I can't help but be a little leery.

Voted : No
^Eh, pretty sure the smallpox infected blanket thing was actually from the British, when the US was still part of the British empire, and it was an early form of biological warfare used to win the Siege of Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh), the siege of which was part of a native american campaign to drive the Europeans out of the Ohio valley region.
Yeah, I know. It's actually debated now whether the blankets were even passed out or not, even though a letter from Captain Ecuyer stated that he himself had given out two of them and a handkerchief I think. It's just an example of the level that some will stoop to in order to achieve what they believe to be any number of greater goals. Infected blankets, rotten meat, killing off food supplies, driving from homelands, etc... Their excuses contained all types of political and tactical rhetoric, but many times the goal was the same: get the red man out of the way, unless he's civilized enough to help us.
Voted : What a ridiculous question
Who's making this evaluation that a race "needs" to be eradicated for some ill-defined "good"? I'm sure that Joseph Goebbels could have come up with the most smooth, eloquent arguments as to why Europe could have done without all of those Jews. Some self-hating Jews might have gone along with him with a shrug of their shoulders.

Just as some self-hating folks of European ancestry now think that everything about European culture's evil, since they've been indoctrinated by the usual gang of leftist university idiots.

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by LCD [+]

Voted : No
No, because that would not be survival of the human race. If one race were exterminated, that would seriously disaffect the remaining races.

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