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In an article written by Margaret C. Galitzin, she reviews The Lennon Prophecy by Joseph Niezgoda. Niezgoda starts his book with the well-known remark Lennon made to his friend Tony Sheridan in the mid-1960s: “I’ve sold my soul to the Devil.”

When was the pact made? Niezgoda pinpoints the date - December 27, 1960, the night the Beatles played at the Town Hall Ball Room in Litherland, England. Lennon was a 20-year old wanna-be rock star in a mediocre band not so different from so many others at the time. He was desperate to “be more famous than Elvis.” Desperate enough to sell his soul to the Devil.

Twenty years later on December 9, 1980, Mark David Chapman fired five shots from a revolver at Lennon in front of the Dakota building in New York, where Yoko and John had an apartment – on the same floor, by the way, where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed. Lennon died shortly afterward.

If John had entered into a 20-year pact with the Devil for wealth and world fame, that contract ended that day with his violent death.

Did John Lennon sell his soul to the Devil for fortune and fame?
(I'll post the link for the article in the comment section)


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Voted : No
lol of course not.

But it does seem an odd coincedence so many die at 27 :-)

^That's another ballot coming soon.
All the Beatles did. Apparently Ringo was ripped off.
Voted : No
Can't buy the theory.
Voted : No
Interesting. There've been a lot of Faustian legends like that. All those stories about old blues musicians selling their souls at the crossroads at midnight for instance. Legend has it that Robert Johnson and Petey Wheatstraw both did that (and both did die very young). I've always thought it was sort of weird that Lennon lived the last several years of his life at the Dakota Apartment Building in New York too, and was living there when he was killed. The Dakota was also the setting for Ira Levin's novel "Rosemary's Baby" (and the movie based on it). But no, I can't really say I believe in things like that. I doubt if Lennon believed in things like that either.
Voted : grits n shrimp in garlic sauce
He migh of said it but the rest is coincidence. I played a gig at the Litherland Town Hall (which it's known as to us natives)t'other week, it's a bit of a dump these days.
It was in them days too according to me mam.

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