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It can have the word Gold, Golden,or anything else similar

All The Gold -- Gatlin Brothers(?)
Golden Helmet of Mambrino --from musical 'Man of La Manca'
Fields of Gold ~ Sting and others
Silver Threads Among the Gold ~ copyrighted in 1873
Heart of Gold ~ Neil Young
Silver and Gold ~ Artists Against Apartheid
Gold - Spandau ballet
Black and gold - Sam Sparrow
The Man with the Golden Gun - Lulu or Alice Cooper
City Of Gold - Bob Dylan
Spanish Gold - The Cult
Gold Digger - Kanye West
Fools Gold - The Stone Roses
Band of gold - Freda Payne
New Gold Dream - Simple Minds
GOLD - Sir Mix-A-Lot
Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac
Tears of Gold - Ryan Adams
What's Golden - Jurassic 5
Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day - Bing Crosby
Silver Threads and Golden Needles - The Springfields
Silver, Blue & Gold - Bad Company
She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) - Jerry Reed
Oh, Dem Golden Slippers ~ 1879
Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb ~ Allan Sherman
Gold Fever - from the musical ' Paint Your Wagon'

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Voted : Heart of Gold ~ Neil Young
Excellent song!
Voted : Black and gold - Sam Sparrow
Just one? lol can I have this too?
Voted : Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb ~ Allan Sherman
Sung to the tune of the "Glow Worm" song, as if you wouldn't recognize the meter from these lyrics...

Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb, fatter, fatter.
Pile the potatoes on your platter.
Listen to me, 'cause I'm your hubby.
I just adore you plump and chubby.
I got a letter from the state, Dear.
You're gonna need a license plate, Dear.
My little elephant dream-come-true.
Chew, Mrs. Goldfarb, chew!

There is so much more of you,
More to adore of you,
'Cause you're not slender.
In your white dress, you're a doll,
Big as the Taj Mahal,
In all its splendor.

When you're in department stores,
Don't use revolving doors,
You might get stuck, Dear.
When you use the telephone,
Go into the booth alone,
And lots of luck, Dear.

You had for breakfast: two pounds bacon,
Three dozen eggs, one coffee cake, and
Then you had something really awful,
Four kippered herrings on a waffle.
Nine English muffins, one baked apple,
Boston cream pie, Philadelphia scrapple.
Seventeen bowls of Crispy Crunch.
Then you said, "What's for lunch?"

Sweetheart, you are giant size.
You are Lane Bryant size,
My darling Myrtle.
Last Thanksgiving I was thrilled.
You ate so much, you killed
Your living girdle.

Have another dozen shrimp,
My lovely little blimp.
Don't count a calorie.
I have just received a stub.
I owe the Diner's Club
A whole year's salary.

Eat, Mrs. Goldfarb, daily, nightly.
Eat, though your chair is bending slightly.
Love of my life, I'm glad I found you,
Each day I take a walk around you.
I can't forget when we got married.
Over the threshold I got carried.
No other bride would be so sweet.
Eat, Mrs. Goldfarb, Eat!

Sidenote: I just found that YouTube clip from that movie. It is NOT my favorite song with the word GOLD. I just wanted to pick an uncommon song from the bunch.
The Critics hated the movie for the most part. I thought it was pretty good as well as the song. But again, there are other songs that I like a little better.

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