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[+] serious ballot by RichT

I am a southerner who has been living in the north for the past 15 years and have come to the conclusion that it is the northerners who have the social problems that I have mentioned and I came here with an open mind.

Is it because they are haters? Is it because they are jealous? Is it because they are ignorant?
If you don't like it, go back to the South
Most of them are NOT that way.

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I'm from northeast and don't consider myself to be the way you described
I have seen some arrogance. for rude, obnoxious (well maybe a little), fat, retarded and lazy, I don't see it.

by LCD [+]

^ in me? :(
^lol, no you are a rare exception :)
by LCD [+]

Well I don't know about arrogant, rude, obnoxious and lazy. However the "fattest state" is actually Mississippi, almost 30% of its adult population categorized as "Obese" as of 2006. Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky and Arkansas ranked just behind it.

The North East was actually home to some of the leanest states in the Union however with Vermont, Massachusetts and and Rhode Island where less than 20% of their adult populations where categorized as obese.

As for "retarded," by state, according to a study conducted in 2004, Mississippi is home to the lowest average IQ ranking at a borderline mentally retarded 85. South Carolina ranked in at 89, Louisiana and Alabama at 90 and Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas at 92.

The State with the highest average IQ was Connecticut ranking at an average "superior" IQ of 113. Massachusetts, New Jersey ranked at 111, New York State at 109 and Rhode Island at 107.

Way to generalize there Rich. Maybe it's just the people your hanging with.
Voted : If you don't like it, go back to the South
Things like that do tend to be cultural. But at the same time, with the diversity of the population in parts of the U.S., it's hard to generalize an entire territory or state.
Uh, the fat part would exist here, but more in the South. However, Northerners can be rude, but I've heard about the driving habits of people in Dallas and Atlanta. Still, every area has it's problems.
Voted : If you don't like it, go back to the South
If you don't like the north, go back south. And I mean that in a practical sense, not as a shot at you. I, for example, spent this summer in Arkansas doing some field work, and I absolutely hated it there. They could have offered me a 20 year extension and I would have turned it down simply because I've lived in the north my whole life, and that's where I love to be.

So far as "social problems" go, I think you might be a little off base there, though I can see how someone raised in the south would be a bit put off by such a change of scenery.

Voted : Most of them are NOT that way.
I know a few from the NE. But the vast majority of them that I know are NOT that way.
Voted : Most of them are NOT that way.
Well I hope I'm not "that way." :) I know I'm not fat, I try never to be obnoxious, I don't at all feel that I'm rude... I'm far from being lazy and as for arrogance, I'd like to think I have the same degree that all people do...not more, not less.

I have to say, I have been to the South many times and while I do find the people to be more polite, I also did notice that there is a great deal more prejudice...but that is not to say "everyone" from the South is that way. I would certainly hate to use such a broad sweep of the brush and paint everyone that way. :)

I agree they are rude, obnoxious, arrogant and fat. But not lazy.

If you really want lazy, go to the southern and western states.

I live in the northeast.

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