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[+] ballot by quak_duck

there are alot of diffrent cultures in the US, but which is the worst at commiting crime?

Males and Females Aged 16-19
US government.....
Anyone too lazy to work for a living.
shwugz (ignorant black people)
Liberal Democrats, Look at Clinton
fire ants
i dont know??
ya puck mutha
Canines (always stealing food)
i say u commit crime u bastard
Americans should all be liquidised
southerners don't commit crime, they are pussies
gay punk bands where some wear pink eyeshadow(GC)
corporate culture
all white bitches !
people in Detroit
The Drug Culture
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Apparently it is white people. You have to figure in the white-collar crimes as well. Enron was a whopper!
Male and Females Aged 16-19, commit more than half of the violent crimes.
'cause they outlawed coke in the 50s so the drug companies could market amphetamines the outcome of countless crimes commited since..
all in the name of profit(greed)

Culture commits crime. What the heck are you talking about!
It is between black and hispanic. 30% of federal prison population is aliens or illegal aliens.
I didn't dodge the question, dork. I answered it. Statistics don't lie. Young adults commit the most violent crime.
Blacks do. FACTS: Blacks are 12% of the US population yet they commit over 58% of all crimes. There are more blacks in prison than college also. Blacks, a savage monkey race
detroithatecore-saying that over and over won't make it any less of a lie. I don't know where you got that statistic from but you know it's not correct.
Guest_34g7e *snicker*--you say that as if you think you're worth something.
I've already done that. I got my statistics from the Bureau of Justice, 2002. Look it up yourself. I'm not allowed to post links on here.
I just looked it up too. You people are fucking idiots. Crime by blacks is quite consistent to crime by whites and there is no considerable difference between the two. Crime by other races was significantly lower than crime by blacks and whites. I looked this up on the Bureau of Justice website, which uses actual statistics. So stop posting racist lies.
"In 2002--

Per every 1,000 persons in that racial group, 28 blacks, 23 whites and 15 persons of others races sustained a violent crime.

Black and white persons experienced statistically similar rates of simple assault.
Black, white, and other races experienced similarly rates of rape/sexual assault and robbery.
According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, in 2000 about 49% of murder victims were white, 49% were black, and 2% were Asians, Pacific Islander, and Native Americans.

On average each year between 1993 and 1998, homicide rates fell 5% for whites, 7% for blacks, and 8% for persons of other races.

See also Homicide Trends in the United States and Data Online for characteristics of homicide victims by State and large locality.
Blacks were more likely than whites to be victimized by a carjacking (6 versus 2 per 10,000 respectively) 1992-96.

Between 1993-98, American Indians experienced violence at rates more than twice that of blacks, 2 1/2 times that of whites, and 4 1/2 times that of Asian."

So as you see, black crimes when compared to white crimes are very consistent. Homicide rates have actually fallen more for blacks than for whites. So pull your head out of your ass.

u guys don't know how hard it is to be an Chinese person! It's tooooo reliougous!
hehe, Howard Dean is really taking a beating,
I've been in and out of prison (for murder, rape, grand theft, burglary, homicide, and sex in the public). The inmates are mostly blacks! That's a fact! Morons!
People are basically responsible for their own lives.
I nly hate jews as I think they are the biggest criminals in USA...BUT I have robbed twice in my life and I live in a very middleclass white neighbourhood....both times the thieves were blacks,,,come on folks lets face it...blacks are more criminals than whites per population...I think they rather stael than work for a living...they wany everything easy....GOD damn Lincoln who gave these monkeys freedom
go white people!
According to Amnesty International, in the year 2000 there were over two million prisoners in US. That's about 25% of all the prisoners in the world, yet Americans are only 5% of the world's population. Also considering that serial killers are mainly an American phenomenon, maybe it's the sick American society that produces criminal behaviour.
by SAS [+]

I can't imaging living in a place that has segregated neighborhoods. No wonder you guys don't get along.
No one asked you to think though
poor ppl who refuse to get jobs and try to live off welfare commit more crimes than any one.
dude who fuckin cares if they committ a damn crime throw umm in jail, what does it matter what culture they are crime is wrong nomatter what you are in any of the modern "categories"
I Find it so funny how people are so quick to stereotype.

I'm Hispanic, and I do admit that many (definitely not all) members of our group do have problems with the law, african americans also have problems with the law but it seems as if they are move up and moving ahead.

This is a trend that has historically affected immigrant groups. The irish were also know to be violent and crime ridden, so where the italians, not to mention many other immigrant groups. So its not anything inherent in the groups that makes them commit crimes rather it is the lack of parenting able to adapt to a new and foreign culture in the US.

In comparision with immigrant groups that have been here for a long time and have already acculturated themselves to the US, of course they will look down upon these groups.

Try to evaluate a person on an individual basis, rather than marking everyone of one group as being pure evil.

Hello there??..Is it not that your mad yankee judges, lawyers and cops are all six toed christian, bible bashin fu*kwits from the swamps?..You only hate blacks cause they gave us blues, and you gave Park and's just not good enough.. Bring in a whole shit lot of slaves..take away their rights and expect them to thank you??? God Bless America, you pig thick wankstains. Oh, and the blacks brought us reggae! 2-0 The Blacks I say!
White Christian Americans commit more crime than anybody else.
For example
Paedophiles (Hispanics and Whites in California)
Sex Offenders (Christians and Mormons lik the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart)
Terrorists like Timothy McVei or Racists lik the KKK.
Not to mention Corporate America-Enron, Martha Stewart and Ken Lay. Then Blacks come Scond- High school rop-outs and Pregnant at age 13.

It's those goddamned penguins..
Isn't black a races and not cultures ? I'd say the mainstream rap generation and believe me it's not just African Americans or Latinos/Hispanics .
I suck black arse, and I love it.
This is all biased crap you can not assume that your acriminal based on skin color, religion, or economic status if is just not fair. i think the real criminals are the people who label other people and don't see themselves for who they really are.
definitely jews, and whites, specifically people tied to corporations and banks. those are the worst ones.

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