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I am 43, but I have a full head of hair, no wrinkles, smooth skin, and in fairly good shape considering what I have been through lately.

people at my age that I see around me looks at least 20 years older. some looks pretty sad. Balding, fat, wrinkled like a prune.

why do some people get old so fast?

having children
smoking and drinking
gave up on life
Some people like being old
So they can get this over with faster.
They were living too fast
Cellular degeneration

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Voted : Some people like being old
I asked a co-worker on her 63rd birthday how old she felt. She said "63. I'm 63 today and I feel 63."
^that's sad.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Genetics
i drink, smoke, have 4 kids, grandchldren, STRESS, i dont think i look older than 42
by ABC [+]

Well, maybe it's that "magic mirror" you have... you know, the one that keeps telling you that you are the fairest of them all. :)

I thought your limbs were falling off the other day? Did you super-glue them on? :)

Voted : They were living too fast
There's a price you pay for having too much "fun"...
I've noticed the same thing. Apparently it's genetics.

It also appears that people born before 1950 seem to really get old looking fast.

The only reason I can come up with is dietary. After 1950 most food was nutrionally enhanced with vitamins and minerals etc. and a wider variety of fresh foods and canned food became available for consumption.

So where people before 1950 may not have NOT had a nutritionally balanced or sourced diet until later in life, versus people born after 1950 had it from the beginning of their lives.

There for they age at different rate. Consider in the the 1950's that being in your 60's was considered really old. Now it's not until you're in your 80's do people think that.

patch: there is a big difference between getting "OLD" and your body breaking apart.
by LCD [+]

Getting old is a part of life. Looking old could be to do with genes or life-style. If your body parts are falling off, I guess you could still be young looking. :)
Voted : Cellular degeneration
It sucks! 8)

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