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[+] ballot by maxxman

I'm one of the old school B&W people who remember when this site was like a popular restaurant with people lined up to get in.
The crowds have thinned, but some still remain. Nothing is ever broken that can't be fixed. Do you have a suggestion?

Keep the Toxic Stalkers who drive people away off of B&W.
Leave it alone it will come around in time.
If You Build it. They will come!
Advertise to recruit new blood.
Don't let the fat lady sing quite yet!
Keep the faith!
Bring on the rubber chickens!
Don't allow "karma" or special status for favored B&W users
Allow true freedom of speech around here, regardless of political leanings
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I feel like if we wanted to maintain a high volume of traffic, we'd have to turn this place into yet another social networking site. The balloting aspect would probably end up a side-attraction, which would be a total kidney shot imo.

It's really hard to make suggestions when I have absolutely no clue how difficult or easy it would be to make certain changes. I have zero knowledge of programming and coding etc.

ask away, I will see what i can do.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Keep the faith!
This, and...
everybody get in costume and roll out the rubber chickens (waving to maxxman!)
Voted : Bring on the rubber chickens!
I miss so many of the old school :-( We need more Tads and Mags around the place.
I think a rejuv of the karma system would be really cool. It could be used as a sort of "website currency" to "purchase" different website perks like different colors for your username or maybe different symbols by your name on the ballot. It could be set up so that every time you receive karma, a certain portion is set aside to be used for these website perks and the other portion would be used to distribute to other users as usual. Would add some color and a little fun I think.

I think it would be cool to have the userpage divided by "newest ballots" and "most recently commented on" ballots or something. That way you could read both the new ones and also the most active ones. Each time a ballot is commented on, it could be bumped up to the top of the "most recently commented on" list. That way you could have more real-time discussions.

Just a few ideas of many.

Voted : Allow true freedom of speech around here, regardless of political leanings
For the past two years, I've suggested the new motto of this place ought to be "The Daily Kos--Now with Ballots!"

Sorry, but enforcing a political ideology or any ideology over others will continue to make the place moribund. If nothing else, it's the spark of intellectual disagreement or even good old-fashioned bickering that makes a website interesting.

Otherwise, it starts to resemble a bad local political party office where everyone just nods vacantly at each other and repeat the same tired shibboleths ad nauseum... "Aren't we just so smug and happy to be with our own type?"

Voted : Allow true freedom of speech around here, regardless of political leanings
There seems to be a core group on here that agree with each other. Meaning any disssent is seen as unwelcome and something to be jumped on. It makes it frustrating to hold a debate when the local population hold the same belief on content. So point dont so much get adressed as dismissed and missunderstood. very frustrating.

It means there is no balance and instead of being on a website you get the feeling you are being presided over by a commitee.

If we want commitees we dont need to go on the internet to find them...

Voted : Keep the Toxic Stalkers who drive people away off of B&W.
Felix, quirk, I woulkd agree with you both, but there's one problem.

There are those out there whose definition of "free speech" is to do nothing but make posts and ballots that cause nothing but chaos and dissent, and revel in humiliating people with whom they disagree. IMO, this feeds off the prevalent "vulture culture" of the Internet. Those in tune with the news know that this led to the recent suicide of a 15-year-old girl, whose sole crime was being hotter than the girls around her. They couldn't cope, and they used the Internet to debase and attack her viciously. (I see that there's a "political leanings" rider attached here, and I don't fully see that as in play here. All are free to express themselves here in that sense. What keeps you valid is the validity of your argument.)

Another thought, into my previous...

There seems to be a presumption that, because we all live under various forms of democracies, that the Internet too is such an animal.


Each website is, in a very real sense, ts own little fiefdom, where the person who owns it is Lord and Master, and THEIR rules of conduct apply. A dear friend of mine once said, in regard to this site, that this was "LCD's playground" and that, if you didn't like the way he played, you need to go find your OWN playground.

She's a damn wise woman.

Good day, all.

I am guilty of injecting my opinions often, and lately I try to stop myself from doing so.

at this point, the only thing that gets my goat is those who would deliberately trying to sabotage the operation of the site, like someone who posts same thing repeatedly just for shock value, or do things that would prevent others from enjoying the site.
by LCD [+]

Seems to me that the people who ruin this site are the disenfranchised idiots with a bag of chips on each shoulder who post hurtful crap when they're drunk, stoned or having a bad hair day. Seems they're the ones desperate for attention and they'll pull out all the stops to get that attention if it kills them. Another form of sabotage which makes people want to run the other way because that type are quite fond of making digs and snidey little remarks behind the guise of humour, and stinking up the place for everyone else.
lLCD, inject your opinions more often.


Felix, quirk, the crap that I just had to help dispose of is why this site is in the state it's in. Children with Internet access, wanting only attention.
Folks, let's not give these children the attention they crave, okay?
truth, everytime I see these people I try to give them a quick exit.

As I get older, I just seem to be more tolerant of others opinions even when I don't agree with them.
by LCD [+]

The rules here are much more relaxed than they are at most other forums. Some people take this for granted, and to these people, the few rules that DO exist seem like a real PITA. Most forums ban you for things like not being smart enough, not having good grammar, etc.

Anarchy just doesn't work folks. I speak from experience on this.

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