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The only reason that human sperm and eggs and other animal sperm and eggs cannot intermix and produce young is because of a protein shield that cannot be broken by the other's enzymes. Nature makes the sperm and eggs of each animal susceptible only to the enzymes of its own kind.

Scientist have discovered how to break this protein shield. My question you think some ultra curious scientist has done the unthinkable in secret and allowed the eggs of one kind of animal to be impregnated with the sperm of another kind of animal, such as a pig and a dog? If so, I don't think they would have been brave enough to try human and horse or something like that. Do you?

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Voted : Yes
In the event, the offspring are still born because, there are deeper complications than just egg and sperm compatibility. The genetic material between species is incompatible. That is to say that the genes in one species cannot effectively bond to the genes of a different species. For instance, the genes in a pig cannot bond with the genes in a dog. Same is true for say humans and apes. Even a lion and a house cat cannot breed or can the genes splice if you will.

I'm not sure but I think that even the genes between a black bear and a grizzly bear do not splice to produce live offspring, but I'm confident science is studying this.


russian scientists have tried this in order to breed a fighting stock, but it never came to fruition because of one reason or another.

you can read about it on the web.
by LCD [+]

^passiveson, what I was saying is that scientists have found out what causes the incompatibility--it is some kind of enzyme or protein--and they now know how to infiltrate the barriers. Genetically disparate bonding CAN now take place. I was interested to find out if anyone here thinks they have tried to mate animals of different species, using their new technology. They CAN do it--the question WAS--does anyone think they HAVE done it. If scientists were successful in mating a cat with a dog, that would be the biggest secret in the world, as scientists who did that would literally be excommunicated.


^LCD, I am going to look up what you talked about. I am still rofl (in my imagination) about what Bush said about the horrors of hybrid humans.

What you discribed was breaking the barrier between sperm of one species penetrating the egg of a different species which I addressed. I further go on to explain that even when the sperm and egg of different species do coalesce, the ge3nes between the two species cannot produce live offspring. This is the next hurdle to overcome. The genes do splice but the product doesn't live. At a certain point the cells die in the embryo stage. Science has produced some very monstrous creations, but every one dies before gestation is complete.

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