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[+] serious ballot by RunsWithScissors

The school shooting today in Chardon, Ohio was a result of one student being bullied by others.

Bullies deserve to be gunned down
I've been bullied
I am a bully
Nobody deserves to be gunned down
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Chardon is a beautiful little town where I would love to live. I was just there yesterday. It's hard to imagine a school shooting happening there of all places.
Voted : Nobody deserves to be gunned down
C'mon now.

This may sound like I'm joking, but if they started staffing a few big kids out of juvie in high schools to beat up bullies, I'd back that 100%.

It's a proven fact that most school bullies grow up to be Republicans
About 20 years ago near my town, a kid took a hand gun to school to take care of the bully who sat behind him in class.

When the bully started his daily act, the kid turned around, pulled the gun out, stuck it on the bully's forehead and blew his brain out.

Sure it was wrong, but man, inside I cheered like hell for that kid.

I dreamed of doing the same thing to the bullies that bothered me when I was in school.

Voted : Nobody deserves to be gunned down
Save Fred Phelps and his congregation of emotional terrorists.
'It's a proven fact that most school bullies grow up to be Republicans
by TheAntidote'

Any proof of that 'fact?'

Voted : I've been bullied
But violence is not the answer. Suspend them from school and get them help. Bullies are probably bullied at home and is taking it out at school.
Voted : Nobody deserves to be gunned down
Bullies are the cumulative product of extreme inverse parental pairs where one is overbearing and dominating and the other is indifferent and submissive, resulting in an asymmetric dyadic psychology. Bullies exhibit a dystetic temperment similar to sociopaths. They're reclusive loners with an inability to feel or express empathy or compassion and they're typically unphased by traumatic experiences.

Bullies have a God complex when it comes to their art. They start out taking pleasure in torturing the family pet. It gets easier once they evolve to human subjects.

They tend to blame society for being social outcasts and maligned personalities, eventually becoming police or security officers later in life.

So do they deserve to be gunned down?

That's entirely up to the bully. Do his victims deserve to be tortured and abused? That's a tough call.

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