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[+] ballot by RunsWithScissors

Not sure if this one has been done already or not.

Mrs. Butterworth
Mr. Whipple
Joe Camel
Budweiser Frogs
Colonel Sanders
Uncle Ben
Aunt Jemima
Big Boy
Ronald McDonald
Tony the Tiger
American Dream
Orville Redenbacher
Mr. Clean
Geico Gecko
Energizer Bunny
Smokey The Bear
Dunkin Donut Man
The Pep Boys
The Marlboro Man
Super Mario
Michelin Man
Pillsbury Doughboy
Betty Crocker
Mr. Peanut
Jolly Green Giant
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Voted : Ronald McDonald
no doubt. If you're talking about a household name, the one that NOBODY would fail to identify, and the product or line he represents. (Nobody with a brain cell left, that is! ;-))
Voted : American Dream
Nothing sold like an American dream.

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