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[+] ballot by jannine

If you had to choose...

Tall, light eyes, slim yet toned body
Tan and muscular, with dark hair and eyes
Chunky, with beautiful eyes and a pretty smile
Skinny and pale with blue hair and piercings
Any man with a large penis

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No, I know that there's girls that like that kinda guy. I like 'em just fine, too.
but i had to pick the tall with light eyes though
The first one.
why do guys wanna be so bulky and muscle-bound? Girls don't like huge men for the most part.
vote vote vote
cmon vote
okay look mexican,tall,doesn't matter about how big the boat is Dude thats GROSS!
Tall slim boy yet
toned body.
by dky [+]

the skinny blue haired guy. :)
light eyes that captivate the soul.......... ahhhrgg when will i ever see a guy like that?
and those buffy guys think theyre so gorgeous when they cant even fit in their shirt
hmmm, i guess that i'd be door number one...just thought you'd like to know..
Tall, dark, muscular with chiseled features. Classic Mr. America.

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