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She's got a really big butt. Some guys like 'em like that. What do you think?
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Too Big
Just Right
Not Big Enough
Needs Butt Surgery
She is a fat bitch
No but her ego is
Why oh why did she have to make that shitty movie?
she has a smelly peruvian ass
She just needs bigger boobs.
There's no such thing as an ass to big
She's too old
it'a no that big guys
I like it
she's a whore with a fat ass
I did not know that she owned a donkey!

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Jennifer is not fat, she is skinny as hell! The only place that has any fat in her entire body is her ass! She has a great ultra-feminine hourglass figure. What, do you like your women to look rectangular like a 10-year-old boy?! ridiculous.
And if you DO, well, I'M a rather rectangular woman! Ask me for my number! lol
Yeah I agree, they talk shit about this one's ugly and that one's ugly but if she were standing in front of them they'd be sweating her, I bet. I bet they wouldn't turn her down if she was horny! FUCKIN COMMIES.
I don't want to give it adjectives, I am not a man, but it does have cellulite and plenty. Cameras just do miracles to make things look better than what they really are. However, they did a "retouch" to "it" for Gigli's cover, well, she wasn't satisfied with the size, she said it looked too big... But she still doesn't get tired of putting it right in front of the cameras. Of course, this is a good thing for you guys!
even skinny chicks have cellulite on their asses!
Yep, for example, me.
I have seen her in person and she is skinny. Her butt is really not that big. But her ears hang down to the ground. horrific.
way too big...
Not too big. just too celly. no matter what you "jlo" whores want to think. I like big asses but I prefer less fat in my diet.
i heard it's fake from someone that has a friend that knows her very well.... for real.
What's so wrong with her ass, nothing it may be fat but it's a good lookng fat ass, and she's proud of it so let's keep letting her show it off
She has a great ass and beautiful face...but very small breasts which is not to proportion with the rest of her...if she had a little bigger breasts then she would be great...she is getting old mind next year we will be talking about another womans` ass.
i'd butt fuck her all night long
i think she has a great ass. top looking girl with a sexy ass. to many men like girls to be skinny fuck that. a real woman with tit's and ass and a mind, not these skinny as fuck girls who no nothing
I think she is very beautiful ans has a fine ass, just perfect
go to search type fat then click on who as da fattest belly add coments and vote i recommend daniel hier cause well
J Lo's ass measurement is of no concern for anyone. Thou shall not lust over piece of ass. An ass is only a large piece of meat, get over it, stop wasting your monkey potentials pondering on some ass.
I want to marry her ass.
Is that possible.Just her ass?

r u gay?!? go to goggle then images then type Vida Guerra
I like to bite her ass
the bitches needs such a big ass!!!!
It's not that big guys. I dunno if its celly though(talking about it, small asses can be celly and no muscle too, so shut up)... But its definately not too big.
Just fine.
Quote:"all you guys saying her ass it too big wouldnt turn it down unless you were seriously gay. " Yeah DEFINATELY.

she is boring
Bien sur qu'on peut parler de cette grosse chienne ainsi jack
Non, je parle en Francais si je veux.
I don't think her butt is that big,it would be cool if it was.
she has a beautiful,nice ass.. the famous ass ever....
The majority vote here should tell you what most men think about her wonderful ass. Her movies and music are mediocre, but few can deny that her body is awesome, especially here exceptional butt. Yes, real men like shapes and curves. Whoever told you Courtney Cox or Lara Flynn Boyle was our dream girl is lying. It's all about the curves.
Voted : There's no such thing as an ass to big
Voted : Just Right
I love a big ass!

But JLo's ass isn't as big as everyone makes it out to be....

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