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I know it's all shit television, but what would be a good working title that you would like to see?

Jew Millionaire
My Big Fat Obnoxious Beyonce
Brown Eye for the Queer Guy
American A-hole
Survivor Chernobyl
Average Ho
The Simpleton Life
Rear Factor
Big-ass Brother
Fornication Island
LIBERALS EXPOSED-for what they really are.
Life in Bagdad
Read a Book or Get a Life
Women: Drop Your Top
Dumb and Fascinating
Who wants to be an immigrant
who watches this stupid shit
I'm a Politican, Get me out of here
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LOL: Exposing Liberals watch them run..
Read a Book or Get a Life. Contestant has to do one or the other, otherwise they will die from stupidity. Let the games begin!
The Annoying People Show, where the contestants have to either by constantly eating, shitting, or fucking. When they stop they get electro-shocked & tasered. They can get break-time by doing 2 of the 3 required acts at the same time!
Bonesmen: How about a documentary of a couple spoiled rich guys who went to Yale in the 1960s, admitted to the "Skull and Bones" club and are running in a fake contest to be leader of the world's most powerful nation?
powernoize is that from nationstates?

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