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[+] ballot by ken4life

a female so damn fine, you would eat that ass!
this ballot was closed by maintainer :
LCD : on Oct 07, 2014 because Trayvon's parents are niggers.

vida guerra
trish stratus
beyonce knowles
carmen electra
lisa raye
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Allyson Hannigan
Nicole Kidman
Shania Twain
Any That would let me 16yr-40yr hotties
anna kournikova
Jenna Von Oy
hilary duff
nina hartley
Britney Spears
Rosie O'Donnell
Fairuza Balk
Rachael Ray
Christina Aguilera
Stacey Kiebler
My Sister
Roseanne Barr
Darri Alexander
Carly Simon
Lynn Doyle
Anne Marie Duff
cambell brown
Holly Marie Combs
lindsay lohan
diane sawyer
salma hayek
jennifer lopez
jeanetta jones
Any Girl
jessica alba
Lindsay Lohan ("Mean Girls" not now style)
Josie David
Not one of them!
Sarah Palin

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smile bank:

i wouldnt even have to fuck vida, i would just be satisfied eating that ass all night long
i would lick the asshole of chick who i think is hot between the age of 6 and 46
Anne Marie Duff Mega Totty
Anne Marie Duff MEGA TOTTY
If not Miss Duff then either Jeri Ryan and/or Nicole Kidman
Oh by far that hot redhead Lindsay Lohan. Have you ever seen a hotter young redhead? Slurp slurp yummy for my tummy I'll like her ass 24 7 and she better lick mine.
hilary i will porn lick her ass clean and smooth
That I am ...
I'd lick Hillary Clinton's dirty asshole clean every night when she came home from the Senate. I'll lick that ass all the way to the white house.
i would lick the asshole of nicole kidman for all night long untill she wake up
i want to lick asshole of nicole kidman like the dog lick a water when very thirsty.her ass is only for licking,kissing,but not for fuck.i will lick her asshole after she use resroom.i will clean her asshole with my tounge until she cry alot with great pleasure.
tom cruise need to lick asshole if nicole kidman. if he fuck her asshole , i will cut his cock.her asshole is only for licking.that will be so yummy. hmmmmmmmm.
I want to wash asshole of nicole kidman with a lot of milk and water at every morning, and i will drink that milk and water.if she use restroom she don't need to clean up herself.I will will clean her asshole with wet warm colths and i will lick it while she look at a mirror for her beauty. when she get tired i will massage her leg and i want to get lick her asshole as a the night i want to put my face inside her night dress and i will burry my face at her ass.if she allow me to stay with her i will do that things on her everyday, but i will not be fuck her,i want to serve her with my mouth only.on nicole kidman let me lick you
Voted : trish stratus
shes hot
Voted : trish stratus
im in love with trish stratus. i would love to lick her butt.
Voted : Not one of them!
Once it's already clean, I'm your man!
But ain't no way I'm messing with poop residue.
Ever heard of dysentry? cholera?
Ever heard of the fecal-oral route?
What are you? CRAZY?

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