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[+] ballot by Torrid_Mind

Do you?

Once a week
Once a day
Once a month
Please stop if you are masturbating or else god will not forgive you!
A couple times a month
A couple of times a day
A couple of times a week
Three times a day
Four times a week
I don't
as often as I want
you must be talking about couchgnome
A Hey Hey Hey Fat Alberts Masturbating Everyday!
until my wifes arm gets tired
every 5 minutes i mean seconds
I'll answer after I'm done
once i did 14 in a day - seriously
couple of times a year
Only until I ejaculate
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depends whos on c-span
Everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten.
by mee [+]

Mee,are you sure about that?Beacuse almost evreyone masturbates so there'd be no kittens in this world and I see them evreywhere
ever heard the term wanker you are all wankers its nothing to be ashamed of you big pile of wankfucks!
Wankfucks. lol

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