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[+] ballot by Detroit_Pimp_Daddy

Okay by me
You rock, dude
Come to my house in the woods and I'll show you
Race doesn't matter but she's too young for you
Pimps are slime.. you are also undoubtedly slime..
You go pimp juce! word
She has one eye, and weighs 640lbs
go easy on her with that dick
Would you like to meet my shotgun? No? Then STFU
Good for her! ;-)
Don't tell Gagoonies...
typical.. shes probably got aids now
Thanks for taking out the garbage!
Long dick her
What do you think I should wear to the Prom!
Great. She can drive you to the check cashin place
Your sick man
Diversity doesn't justify incest
Your sister loves anal
She must be fat and rich ;-)
Do you hate yourself that much?
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do you love her? are you going to marry her? If so,God Bless. Black and White children are quite beautiful.
Couldn't you find someone closer to your own age?
She deserves what she gets.
Your too old for girl when senior high school I dated guy that was 28 but I was at least 18 I felt he was too old for
me. I"m 23 now I would not date no 17 year boy.
by dky [+]

I'm a 24-year-old white guy currently dating a 19-year-old black girl. Who gives a shit?
jk -- I'm not dating right now...
"Okay, first off, there is no such thing as "race", only ethnicity. A race is a subspecies, and all living humans are already of the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens.
Also, you're an embarassment to black folks, MINSTREL! Why do you have to ruin it for the rest of us? Idiots like you are the reason anti-black hate groups and racism still exist. I really hope you are a white poseur, because you act so damn stereotypical. No self-respecting brother with awareness of his history and respect for his people would act like you do. On the other hand, it seems like most of the stupid blacks come out of Detroit anyway. I bet you've never picked up a book in your life. Might I suggest something by Frederick Douglass? Too much crack and rap videos... would you like some watermelon with that? Stupid coon."
by Guest_92229 on Nov 03, 2004

Is your name Bill Cosby?Black people without the victim mentality are most admirable in my book.

Color of skin ain't got nothing to do with it. If you love her, go for it. Don't matter if you're black and she's blue or vice versa.
Advertising it on a website is questionable. Can anyone here say "statutory?"
big ghetto booty
you're using the chick to get to her 16 year old brother you pervert
Hey I'm dating a 17-year-old white girl too!
Theres nothing wrong with it. You dont need someone elses acceptance to marry the person of your choice. Now the fact that you call yourself a pimp from detroit makes you a shithead but even shithead pimps have a right to be stupid. You might also check to see if its legal for shithead pimps to be screwing 17 year olds in your state. Yer not in arkansas ya know.
u disgust me.she disgusts me more.
Check your state laws to see if she's legal -- it varies from state to state. In my state it's legal (thank goodness).
Fuck some colour back into her
this is some cracker trying to make fun of black people

Voted : Race doesn't matter but she's too young for you
ya this newer generation i think cares less about inter-racial marrages.
My parents treat blacks and whites equaly but really dont like inter-racial dating
good pool

You're are a pedophile, child molester and soon to be child rapist. There plenty of women 18 ant over. Start looking elsewhere

Oh, and somebody call child welfare and have the parents arrested for allowing this.

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