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... Which category would it come under... feel free to comment.

Alcohol related
Canabis related
LSD related (+ 'shrooms)
Family moment
Natural World relatd
Personal (sober) experience
These choices are too restrictive

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Drugs have definately helped me enjoy my surroundings but heve they given me my best moments, hmmm....
Drugs ARE bad kids. In the short term though... they help.
Some bitch saw me masturbate. About as exciting as it will ever get!
Weed kicks ass and the government fabricates and even lies about the resulst of their experiments if weed is bad for you fuck the government fuck them in the ass all the way to hell
weed fucks your mind up, you don't realise till too late. What you have lost you will never retrieve.
Shut up anti-drug drug DARE zombies and Jesus Freaks (or any religious zealot for that matter) You definately don't know what your talking about.
My most amazing experience was LSD related (MG seeds+some pot). I feel sorry for people you will never try psychedelics in they're whole life (but it's up to them not to be close-minded bastards though :)).
Alcohol is definately not amazing, it can actually be boring at times.
I have still a shitload of different psychedelic drugs to try though.

psychedelics, psychedelics and psychedelics kids. Take them all. About once a month wont permenantly damage you. Weed is cool everyday- i haven't had any for a few days now and i swear i'm running at a lower capacity. Just do it daily til' your 21, targets keep you on some sort of track!
Going to church and talking to Jesus Christ,Try it,its great
lmao usvet

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