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American Idol
News programs
whatever the american government use
the catholic church(cult)
reading these polls
school and media
Tie: Parents, and lying to ones self
George Orwell's "1984"
Any nationalism
Beer Commercials
tv, radio, newspapers, schools
Communism and the British Press
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Practically the entire population are in a pure mind-state.Totally removed from Consciousness Itself.
For years P and C groups, media, human rights people worked to force the CIA to reveal the truth about its mind-control experiments. It was covered up for years. Finally when they did, with the exception of the radical activists, there was silence all round, cover-up.Like we all know with Germany in WW2.
Because most of the work pointed to one conclusion.The CIA's official result concluded that there is nothing they do did that was necessary because schools. 'parents',
biological psychiatry, religion, cops
industrial slave labour and the general mass homogenisation of 'society' has already done the job.Almost the entire population is a manchurian candidate who only has to be picked up.
.Example.- Actual Experiment. Take a roomful of people like a party. Place CIA mind control subjects in the room.Go into the party and mingle and converse for as long as you have to determine who are the CIA subjects and who are the 'regulars'.
Why- Is that because CIA mind control subjects do a good job simulating a so-called 'normal' human being
Or is it the other way around ???!!
Understand Consciousness Itself PRIOR to mental objects- refracted light BEFORE YOU DIE -warning.

Television is the fastest and easiest method of brainwashing the general public. I never watch it.
school first, then any kind of advertising ALL advertising is loaded with subliminals, still, according to a psychology prof i know
In_Bloom, thats funny because my psychology professor told me the exact opposite, that subliminals are bogus and there is no proof that they actually work as people claim they do. What the advertisements use to catch people is stuff outside the product that would be interesting to the customers.

For example, for a commercial for a minivan, they would make references to a family to make it resemble a family oriented vehicle so more people would buy it.

Everyone, please ignore psych professors. If you talk to 100 of them, they will all have diffrent OPINIONS.
It's more of a mind controlling.
school and media, look how they firmly engraved the belief in peoples minds that all minorities are innocent victims of the "evil white man" and are incapable of being racist
it's ok to kill infidels to advance Islam
ditto on the advertising in the US. I was a business major, and even I am sick and tired of it!
Religion is an evolved social system to facilitate a stabilized system for reproduction. While most people on this earth are subject to these evolutionary factors, a small number of humans are intelligent to recognize that the religionist social system is the outcome of these factors.
Guest_01750, put your parents on the pc, let me explain it to them then.
"No. They don't listen to little kids like you trying to explain your version of the way the world works.
by Anonymous on Dec 09, 2004"

Go worship your Pat Robertson and burn your science books elsewhere, your opinion is worthless here kido.

Organized Religion.
Voted : religion
As always.

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