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[+] ballot by FatherSodomy

Give their name, hometown and the number of guys you personally know they've been with.

Kate Faber, Eagle Co. 16 men 2 women
Amy Franklin Jackson Miss. 20 men
Lisa Fink Dover Co. 17 men
Carolyn, Burbank, CA 47 guys
Christina Aguilera, Wexford, PA, 7 NBA teams
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Please add their measurements, hair color, any diseases, and phone number...thank you
lol @ walmartsucks. I would have to say, I know a 17 year old girl who banged 11 different guys (some twice) within 2 months. At a party one time, she gave head to 6 different guys in a matter of hours. Hope she enjoys her STDs later in life. Or maybe a child? We'll see.

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