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[+] ballot by Rosalin_Sanchez

Jennifer Lopez
neither, they're both whores
Beyonce ass is way better
where are the pictures?
Liv tyler
shakira kicks ass
trish stratus
i love grinding with big soft jlo + shakira butts
i love orlando bloom
Did Someone Say Ass Pictures?!?
where are the pics?
i'd love to tap j-los fatt ass
shakira-HANDS DOWN!
Beyonce Ass Is Phat
shakira's ass is bigger, but JLO's anus is looser
Vida Guerra by a long shot
hillary duff , hell yeah
vida guerra
Kylie Minogue!
Jenna Elfman
Brad Pitt
jLo is gross
Vida, Kylie & Beyonce are all overrated
Kelly Clarkson
This is a sexist poll. Shame on you.
madonna madonna madona madonna luise ciccone
Tyson Ritters Ass Is Tight
selena's is the biggest
i have sex with beyonce,jlo and shakira
beyonce s ass is fake also
beyonces has cottage cheese legs an horse hair
J-Lo, Hilary Duff, and Shakira in a porno. Now!
m.s. 2
Id rape Lindsay Lohan and choke her with my cock.
C'Mon now u no beyonce got da ass
i wanna stick my cock in hilary duffs ass
Raven Symone
Fuck JLO and Shakira. Selena had the best ass!
HIilary Duff doesn't have an ass
JLOs ass should be a National Park
and you thought this was a poll
kelly clarksons ass is bigger then all of them!!
They own a donkey?????
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to all the people who write stupid comments like the stupid comment above this one.
If you want my opinion,
You all are retarded skanky asses!! fuck you morons!!

By the way, what is
'fuck that racist guest 9e6de' what the fuck is that supposed to mean, you stupid bitch!!

Where can I find the ass photos please?
read between the lines

Both are awesome but if i had to choose, shakira, a truly great piece of ass.
Its all good
Shakira's ass is nice and big and round, plus it looks better with the rest of her body than Jennifer's ass does. And the shaky-shaky is a bonus. Shakira is much sexier than boring-ass J-lo.
Shakira has a WAY sexier ass than least in my opinion...
they both got nice asre's but no tits
Shakira is Labanese.
from Lebanon.
JLO is Peurto Rican.
These are facts stupid cunts

I will eat both of their asses..although I think Shakira is more sexy and she is younger..and moves much better..and has bigger tits than JLO..JLO has small tits and big butt but beautiful face.
Anyway,,they don`t fucking care if you like them or is not as if any of us here are going to even get near them..EVER...nevermind touch them or eat their ass.
So go and find yourself a girl with a real good ass..instead of wasting your time here...there are far better looking girls out there than Shakira or Jlo...some of these waitresses are just delicious.
So many women and so little time.

christina has NO ass, she has syphillis
Jlo as a huge ass but no body and knows NOT how to use it
SHAKIRA is COLOMBIAN-heance her debut IN Colombia 10 yrs ago, hence her SPANISH ALBUMS, and furthermore HENCE HER COLOMBIAN DESCENT!

What's the fascination with Kylie Minogue's ass? Sure, she's sexy but her ass only looks good because of her videos. Anyone can look sexy in a music video. Look at Pink. Her first two videos made me think she was the hottest girl in show business. Now the truth comes out: she's a chunky little troll with no neck and hips like a 12-year-old boy. Also, I hear she's gay. (But keep it under your hat.)
Well.... they could both sit on my face. Jennifer Lopez first cause I like to save the best for last.
Lust for some ass, enjoy it while you can becasue you are all going to hell!
thou shall not lust or go to hell just for a piecce of ass.
I refuse to believe this is one of the most popular ballots
Ummmm My Ass Is Pretty Hot but I will take Tyson Ritters Any Day
vida guerra is the hottest chick EVER!!!
Lowest common dominator ballots always are on top.
Shows what idiots most folks are

Shakira without a doubt
lopez is sex! end of
DEFINATELY Vida Guerra, JLo looks like she has a flat ass compared to her.
But if i can choose only between JLo/Shakira, then. Of course Shakika and her overall look is better than that whore JLo too.
JLo is only good for being a $10 crackwhore because she's cuntrag that is banged everyday by Puff Daddy homies.

Ever heard the saying: "It's not the size but how you use it" ? Well Shakira knows how to work her stuff. J Lo just exhibits it like artwork.

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