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There's been a LOT of shitty GOP Presidents in recent times. But, I ask, who was the last good one?

(My vote goes to Eisenhower.)

T. Roosevelt
George W. Bush and he still stands to be, so THERE
Millard Fillmore
if you're cool you dig the Gipper!
We had one?
Kerry is a war criminal
We are still waiting for the first one
Gerald Ford
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What, no comment from Michael Jackson fan?
Go figure -- dumbfuck islam_hater likes Bush. Just like every other retarded bigot.
of course, after lincoln, it's reagan.

all the others were fucking idiots.

i'm only a republican because reagan did such a fantastic job during both his terms.

and i'm only republican because i know of the greatness that is possible by having a conservative leader the likes of reagan.

as far as democrats, i respect clinton (i'm not a freind of clinton but i do appreciate he did a good job despite being a democrat).

even clinton adopted a reganesque style to his democratic weaving.

My grandfather said that Eisenhower didn't do much but play golf all day.
The only good Republican President was Lincoln. ALL THE REST SUCKED!!!
I'm really amazed by the complete ignorance demonstrated by the people posting on this poll. I doubt they could even describe the policies of any Republican presidents, pre-Nixon. Someone like, say, Calvin Coolidge back in the 1920's held isolationist policies that were the diametrical opposite of the neocon agenda of Dubya and company. Coolidge was highly pro-business, as he should have been, as that's how jobs are generated, not by wealth redistribution or envious socialism. However, he was one President who was quite content to, for the most part, let Europe and the rest of the world go their own way & avoid large military interventions of any kind. His tenure was most noted for the ill-fated but rather idealist Kellogg-Briand Pact, that attempted to renounce war as an instrument of foreign policy.

Does that surprise all of you in full bashing mode? Now, before anyone starts screaming insults at me, I'd like you to know that I'm a Libertarian and will probably be voting Libertarian in the upcoming November election, so, if you have something obnoxious to say, don't start it out with, "You filthy Republican..."!

Thank you so much for sharing your considerable wit and eloquence with me---asshole.
My grandpa told me that all Eisenhower did was play golf all day.
Voted : T. Roosevelt
Jesus Christ. After Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2, you keep thinking this Republican is the worst ever and it can't possibly get worse, but it always does. Nixon, Reagan, Busn 1 and Bush 2 are the four WORST PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY. Eisenhower seems okay by comparison. But he wasn't good. The last good Republican... Teddy Roosevelt. He was not only good but great.

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