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[+] ballot by AMurphy182003

My mother keeps rubbing herself against me, and stroking my face, and she also leaves her underware lying around the house...I think its pretty obvious what shes getting what should I do?

Sleep with her. Shes the only one that ever will.
Put a bag over her head then give her one
Tell her as much as I love her I don't want this
Tell her as much as I love her...I love granny a whole lot more!
Kill the bitch. Then pass her around my friends.
how old are you call child protective services
tell her you're gay and wanna be with your dad
the fact that you don't know is disturbing
You need to get some help for her. Call the 911
hey, it's detroithatecore!!
Commit Suicide-both of you imbeciles
maybe your only fourmonths old..mums do that stuff
AMURPHY182003, are you flagrantviolator?
Set her on fire
Flush her down the toilet
Cut off your dick
That's SUPER wrong and nasty, eu!!!
Tell her you're a necrophile and put a gun to her head. Then she'll leave you alone.
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No...but I'm curious now that you mention it.
See a psychiatrist if your thinking leaving underwear around means people want to sleep with you. Stroking your face is a loving thing and brushing againzt you well is she acting sexual or perhaps just clumsy?
are you sure it's not the other way around, because if so, you are the one who needs help, call 911
fuck her raw till shes screaming out to die, man seriously if my mother was hitting on me i would rip her cunt apart with scissors and make her eat it
hey that one submitted about ripping cunts apart was submitted by me scrotumhead! not amurphy!
If your mother want to
sleep with you than she
must be on drugs or
mental or somthing you
should go on the jerry
springer show.
by dky [+]

I slept with your mom. She really kinda just laid there and was not that good. So, I would say that the sex is not worth the mental care that you will need later on.
somthing went terribly wrong somewhere down the line if you have to question wether you would sleep with your mom or not
Do it. It will be great. You will love it.
I think that's kind of wrong. But I don't know, do what you think it's best!
Joseph left the house when the wrong person was trying to make sexual advances to him.

He was put in prison for a false accusation of adultery, but God knew he was innocent regarding his criminal case and provided the opportunity to prove his character and made him governor of a very powerful country after he was sold as a slave.


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