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I'm going to say what Regan should have realized long before cracking down on illegal drug suppliers. You can't win a war on drugs. The government can't win, because they will never be able to get drugs off the streets. 90% of incarcerated criminals are there on a drug charge. The drug industry is the 11th largest industry in the world (larger than the automotive industry). The largest swells in crime in American history occurred during prohibition in the 30's and the declaration of a War on Drugs in the 80's. The stoners can't win either because they don't have an objective to establish, but I think when you take into account the fact that the current president has used drugs as well as the president before him and the fact that our 1st president grew pot. I don't think there is any question as to who is winning this War. So I’ll state right now that whoever wins this poll might as well consider themselves the winners.

The Government
The Illegal Drug Industry

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The War On Drugs was lost from the beginning. There will always be some demand for drugs. Some people will want to get high as long as there are people on this earth.
i know who's loosing it -- taxpayers.
Im winning it. I gots some lethal pills. HELL YEA!!
People have been getting fucked up since cavemen began banging their heads against their caves. Archaeologists have done tests on the remains of pre-historic men and found abnormalities in the skull that indicate this. Humanity has a long tradition of acting the fool and there's no way the government can stop us from it. Nor should they.
i'm not winning but i keep soldiering on
34 to 7.
dear oh dear!

Drugs have always been with us.
Drugs will always be with us.
The Very Bible is fulla drugs.
Da Man even MADE drugs (cool,huh: I want Him at MY next party!)

Biblical "wine" was often not just fermented grape-juice:
it was often infused with hashish and opium.

May I have another cup?

If you see a book called A BRIEF HISTORY OF DRUGS, by a Spaish guy,
you'll find it most interesting.
Like the guy above said, CAVEmen had drugs.!!
It's only the 20th.Century Totalitarian Governemnts who seek to suppress competitor products,
while Their Alcohol sells.

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