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What is at the end of the Universe?
Scientist say that the universe is expanding lightyears upon lightyears every day, but what is it expanding into? Is it just blank white space?
Were the hell did we come from? If we came from atoms, were did they come from? Are we just some freak experiment that some superior being is watching us and seeing what we do and how we evolve?
What the hell is out there?

Blank Space
Superiour beings control us
How bout them cowboys!
zillions of orange cats
become immortal, get in a spaceship, and find out
It didn't exist before the universe expanded to it
the answer is 42
A jelly like banana flavoured susbstance!
You'll hit the beginning of the Universe
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This is crazy, what the hell is the universe expanding into? This is 100% proff that someone or something is controling us, or at least watching us and seeing us evolve!
Keep searching for an answer. You're on the right track.
I've been thinking that too! What does it expand into?!?!?
The universe is like the budding busom of a teenaged girl and the Milky Way is at each nipple. We are currently in the left breast and our parallel universe is in the right breast. As the universe expands, so do her breasts. Right now, she's a hot, perky 18 year old, but in a few billion years, the universe will start getting saggy and the more evolved creatures in the universe will have to undertake in a project to build a giant bra to support itself.

Proof that God exists and that she's a hot eighteen year old with big tits.

'Space' goes on forever. Space is just blackness. The universe is all the matter and energy expanding outward into this 'space'.
Wow impressive Stewie... I think we just found a Prophet.
If you put a bug on a piece of paper and fold it because the bug CAN'T see 3D it will think the paper is straight, so it is actually fallen down the paper but as it can't see the bend it thinks it's travelling endlessly - we are the bugs and outer space is a piece of paper if you see what I mean.
The Universe is all that ever was and ever will be, it expanded from a point with no mathemathical dimensions in what is known as the 'big gangbang' and makes it's own space, it does'nt expand into any other quantum medium as it is the beginning and the end.
not sure whether anyone is controlling or not. think not. but it's curious really why DOES the energy exist. why the world isn't an empty space. i wan't the question answered too. but dunno whetherw e'll get ne concrete answers evr or not...
The electro-positive force of attraction pulls inwards from within.
The electro-negative force of repulison pushes outwards from within.
Contraction and expansion from within are two opposing forces, one battling for the slow rotation of centripetal force and the other for the fast rotation of the centrifugal force. All masses begin their accumulation with generative preponderance. It is the attracive, contractive pull from within a vortex which causes mass to form because of the increasing attracive pull of charging boides. It is the expanive thrust spirally away from a vortex which causes mass to decompose because of the increasing repulsion of discharging bodies.
For most of us the transparent universe doesn't exist because our senses do not reveal its presents. We must become aware that there is only a SINGLE FORCE in the background. This single force divides itself up into two very distinct forces, one which is the inward movement called Centripetal Motion (implosion) and the opposite one, the outward movement called Centrifugal Motion (explosion). It is of the utmost importance that these two motions be defined in their different character and functions because they ARE the wheelworks of Nature (Tesla) in all its possible complexities. Both motions are placed 180 degrees in opposition to each other
Every action has its equal and opposite reaction with a simultaneous recording mechanism so it can repeat itself. I wish to impress on the reader that the technology derived from Vortex and flat spiral movement is a technology which has its components based on the composition of the COSMOS itself. To imitate nature one must recognize the mechanisms she operates with. Mankind did not invent vortex movement; mankind applies it in the moment it is discovered because it is in place already. There is nothing new to be invented in this whole universe, but there is plenty to be discovered.
These two forces never leave their invisible (background) domain, but act through motion only. Example: A flywheel is centrifugally dissipating its energy back into space by means of MOTION, therefore, force itself can't be experienced through the senses, and only motion can be experienced.

    We will see later on how Viktor Schauberger's Implosion machinery fits this energy pattern to evoke said forces by guiding mediums along curvatures resembling egg shaped forms.

    When at any time, one of the two forces in the form of motion dominates over the other, energy becomes available. In our technological devices and systems, centrifugal force is allowed to be in preponderance. In such systems and machines no gain or OVER UNITY can occur, because centrifugal force in motion is an expanding, disintegrating and returning to an equilibrium type of motion. With centrifugal motion one can only expect a result according to the law of conservation of energy, which states, that energy cannot be created but only changed from one form or type into another.

    CENTRIPETAL MOTION tightens and squeezes atomic structure. It is a well-known fact that this so called "empty space" within the atom is very large, and since everything in the atom is only motion the tightening process of centripetal motion makes kinetic energy available along the central shaft in a vortex structure. Centripetal force moves INWARD, to create a condition, which is called condensation. It is to accumulate the energy in the form of motion into a gradient of increasingly higher pressure, higher potential and smaller volume. It is also the expositor of the collective, amalgamating principle in form of in centricity, interaction of energies of non violent processes, smooth, convergent spiraled spins of media in open systems, involution, suction, cooling effects, purification and amplification of energy through inverted levitative influences and motions and rise in quality of media of natural consequences of upliftment. A centripetally inward moving medium is qualitatively speaking more compact, it is coiled and braided closely together even if this condition is only momentarily, like in the case of a tornado, the expression of centripetal motion or its opposite centrifugal motion, both have their distinct character which is impressed upon a specific medium while in motion. Centripetal motion is a totally non-hydraulic pressure condition it is an INWARD pulling vacuous synthesizing condition exhibiting energy availability.

    CENTRIFUGAL MOTION thrusts OUTWARD from within to create a balancing condition, which is called radiation. The effect of this force is to attempt to restore the evacuated space to equilibrium by redistributing the accumulated energy back to where is came from. The effect of this force is centrifugal action. It exerts pressure towards the periphery. Nature uses centrifugal force to expand and loosening of structure in a medium. Its main characteristic being to disintegrate mediums back into tenuous space. This is the dying process. Centrifugal action is true essence of entropy. Our present technology is based on centrifugal motion only. Linear approach and the aggressive forces, on which conventional technological thinking and theories are based, exist on or cause centrifugal dispersal, explosion eruption, excessive temperatures, combustion, friction, loss, pressure, cancerous growth, violence and noise. Not only are these physical features obvious traits of our technological energy processes, but they also reflect psychologically the spirit of our era, resounding on their psychic octave as extroversion, oppression, coercion submission, mass manipulation, social engineering, revolt and explosion - politically - economically and ethnically.

I do believe that Jigsaw give us the most logical and straightfoward answer which makes the most sense and I couldn't put it much better than he did.
i'll go with a straight forward correct answer than a straight forward false one

straightforward:The earth is flat

its actually crooked:o)

You know my opinion!
according to most Americans, the atlantic ocean

Time, space, and matter is what causes the universe to exist. Therefore, the universe has no "extremity" nor "edge" at the very end of it; no time, no space, no matter. It is the perfect definition of non-existence.

Even the most brilliant scientists, astronomers, physicists, etc. throughout the history of mankind could not possibly comprehend this notion. Why?

Because that's God, transcendent, eternal, infinite, unfathomable; NOT BOUND BY TIME, NOR SPACE, NOR MATTER.


Moreover, click on my 'username' to see a more scientific explanation of the finite universe.


Its a pity about the God and Jesus bit being interpreted in a conventional Churchy way though
"there is no face in the sky"

No further comment bigmonkeynuts. Have a great day! =)
This isnt directed at stranger or anyone

just was gonna add to a previous comment that conventional physics , the laws of thermodynamics are false.Would make for an interesting ballot :o)

LMFAO!!! the choices in this ballot are hilarious!
the easiest way to think about that... is to not
Transgendered, but shes 6 '3
I don't have a brain power to answer this.But I'm sure Steven Hawkins can.Poor Steven,They just found out that he had been sooo abused by his second wife.What a shame
damn, bigmonkeynuts is smart.
i think its like that movie, The One with
Jet Lee. there is Multiple Universes out there and each one has its own earth and each earth has a person that looks like you but with a differant personality.

I think Stewie has got the right idea!
if my theory is right, the entirety of Creation is a Mobius loop, constantly expanding into its own geodesic. But I'm still working on it. Matter of fact, I NEED to be doing it NOW...

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