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Many people seem to think so but are these crying little spoiled brats actually as pure as they say?

Yes, Really Really Pure
Purer than Michael Jackson, thats for certain
No, they are not that pure
No, but they can be more sincere than adults
Nah, they taste like chicken
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I don't know who stated such generic thing as children being 'pure'- I guess, If I remember well my being a children, the great thing was that most of the time you could avoid to be Hypocritical. But soon you learned to be, and that was the end of it. Grown up instead confuse the weakness and naivety of children with 'pureness'-
No, children can be very disgusting. I recall from my childhood that other children would talk about bodily functions and make fun of each other.
No. Some are born evil. No question. Sounds crazy I know but I really believe some people are born evil.
don't know,ask M. Jackson!!

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