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In my neighborhood, there are a bunch of little kids all over the place and they're always playing in the streets. There are also a lot of teenagers blasting down the street at 50mph at the same time these kids are playing. Someday, there's going to be a real big tragedy in my neighborhood. Needless to say, the parents are all up in arms about it, and the cops aren't doing much about it, either; they're too busy picking on drivers who are going safe speeds on the freeways.


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Yeah. Usually on Friday and Saturday nights, you can hear cars tearing down the side streets behind my house at 3 in the morning as they try to avoid the speed cameras and booze buses.
Or you can hear them doing burnouts and donuts at the carpark which is a five minute walk away.

yes cars go way to fast on my street, kids are everywhere, i have been tryin to talk my dumb neighbors into parking 3' from the curb on both sides to make the street a pain in the ass to use, hopefully they will come around to my way of thinking before something bad happens
by ABC [+]

ive got a horse farm next to my neighborhood and rednecks streetrace their pickups at 100mph.Im lucky to be alive!
On my street even the adults drive to fast. I live on a dead end street, and they will fly down it. I don't think there are any teenagers on my street that drive, but I think teenagers are probably like that every where.
hardly!! my mom got a ticket for driving too slow!!
We live on a one lane street in front of a pretty large city park. Speed has always been a problem here. I have gone tothe police in order to get the limit reduced to 25 mph but got nowhere. they told me if they did that then they would have to do it to all the cities parks. Duh
Some child is going to get killed eventually.

Voted : Yes
Yes, especially when they're being chased by the cops!

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