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[+] serious ballot by jenny17

And please, think before you go putting Bush down, because he doesn't even come remotely close to Hitler or Pol Pot or Saddam, or a thousand other world leaders throughout history. Seriously, I'll blast your karma for it if you do, give valid responses and realize that no one from Canada, Britain, or the United States belongs on this poll.

Adolf Hitler
Pol Pot
Saddam Hussein
Nicolei Ceaucescu
Kim Jong-II
Joseph Stalin
Maggie Bag Thacher, wot?
George Bush
Mao Tse Tsung
follow the leader
Kate Michelman from NARAL killed 30 million
Rocco Diina
Atilla, the Hun
Osama Bin Laden
Fidel Castro
Nikita Khrushchev
Augusto Pinochet
Kaiser Wilhelm II
The false prophet Muhammad
Too many to name just one.
George Bush will be -no question
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Jimmy Carter
Erskine Sandiford!
Neville Chamberlain
King Leopold II
O' Bill Clinton
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Every single one of the Democrats!!
Ferdinand Marcos

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Pol Pot's career numbers were nowhere near Hitler's and Stalin's overall numbers but he did have the highest percentage of massacring his own people in such a short amount of time.

He eventally died of natural causes in 1998 and was living under house arrest. How's that for justice?

Stewie, there is no justice on this planet.

pol pot should have been skinned alive and set on fire for the shit he did to his people.

he should've been stabbed in the balls with icepicks for his trouble... i dont think that would have been too much to ask, do you?

You're right, that's messed up. The deaths of soldiers and civilians are considered to be "collateral damage" while assassination of evil despots is never carried out. It just shows that the entire world is still under the influence of an elitist system and everyone, sadly, is not created equal.

Why is Saddam Hussein alive? He'll die from old age before he get a taste of some sweet justice.

you need to think before you go putting down kim Jong-Il on the list.
why think about kim jong II, regardless of any improvements he is making, his people are still starving while he supplies his military spending the bulk of the countries assets. Seems pretty stupid if you ask me
It is a toss up between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. I don't believe that either one could be consider worse than the other so i'll go with what seems as a simple solution. Which one caused the most deaths and was the most dispecatable humanbeing. For this i'll give honor to Hitler who caused the second world war and doublecrossed Stalin by attacking the Soviets after the creation the Nazi-Soviet Pact.
Stalin brought about the mass genocide in the Soviet Union during the purges of the 1930's which caused the population of that country to actually drop an estimated 21%. That translates to the slaughter of about 20,000,000 human beings, many of whom were personally murdered by Stalin himself! The only other Communist leader who came close to Stalin in terms of willful human slaughter was Mao Zedong who brought about the "Hsiao mieh" ("Deprivation of existance") to an estimated sixteen to eighteen million of his own people. That places Stalin and Mao right at the top of the list of the worst, most psychopathic and bloodthirsty world leaders of all time with Hitler coming in at a close third.
so many of these leaders were horrible but i would have to say hitler
pretty f'ing stupid, I could give you about 100 reasons why hitler stalin pol pot, hussein, jong, ceaucescu, and others are far and away worse than Blair or Bush could ever hope to be. Anonymity is bliss when thinking you are funny voting that way.
In my native country Nicolei Ceaucescu was dictator and he was by far billions times worse then bush. Bush at least didn't call his people names and kill them for any reason disagreeing with him. If ceaucescu was our president all you bush haters would be dead right now.
This is one of those ballots where idiots vote for George Bush. I'm hardly a supporter of his, but there is absolutely no way he belongs on this list with the others.
Stalin brought about the mass genocide in the Soviet Union during the purges of the 1930's which caused the population of that country to actually drop an estimated 21%. That translates to the slaughter of about 20,000,000 human beings, many of whom were personally murdered by Stalin himself!

It was Hitler, who began the war, not Stalin. It was on Hitlers orders the nazis attacked soviet union

Define "worst."
The false prophet muhamed? Wot makes u so sure that any of the world religions are right, who are we to judge. The only time we'll know wot religion if any is right is when we're dead
^None of the world religions are "right". They should all be rejected. But Islam, Muhammads's self-creation, is the worst. When you board and aircraft, a bus or the subway, what religion do you think about when your thoughts ponder a terrorist attack?
Voted : George Bush
Bush hates america and all it stands for. His goal is to turn most of the southwestern states over to mexico in exchange for his family to have exclusive rights to their oil fields.Same for the war in Iraq!!!
I can't beleive that almost 350 people said Muhammed is worse than Hitler.

Do some reading! Argh, this makes me so angry. Muhammed is nowhere NEAR as bad as Hitler, and neither should George Bush be so high on the list.
What's wrong with you people?!

Don't take the polls here so seriously. Both Hitler and Muhammad are at the top. That should be good enough. There is no competion for acts of barbarity is there? To see who was worse?
Oh god, you poor people, though i will excuse your opinions for the facts have been obscured for some time. You are arguing over Hitler, or perhaps stalin. Yes many people died under their rule, actually if you look at the larger picture and the numbers you will see that while Hitles atrocieties were far more public and dramatic, he killed far less people then Stalin. But here is a fact, and look it up as well. MORE PEOPLE DIED UNDER THE MAO TSETUNG DICTATORSHIP THEN ANY OTHER LEADER. This man, this sick paraniod man, had 1/3 of the worlds population under his rule for the majority of his life, you see the topic is the "worst leader" not the most evil or sick. Mao's incompetence and basic lack of knowledge in economics lead to him giving away almost all of China's rice to russia, effictivily starving millions of people with a year. Actually to break into this dictators life story is an immense tale, I highly recommend you pick up the newly published book, "Mao, The Unknown Story", Its a ground breaking book that breaks all the myths and lies mao created to polish his image while he was in power.
Voted : Adolf Hitler
There was no other man who killed as many people out of cold blooded stupidity.
Hitler without a doubt. causing A world war, trying to create a master race, killing 21 million people, making such crazy milatary blunders which defy belief, and doing horrors which defy belief. If it comes to leader who treats like filth then no one beats Pol Pot.
Voted : Adolf Hitler
Bush Jr. ignorant right wing Idiot. However, He is not in the same league as Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot
Voted : George Bush
George Bush is dumb as a sack of rocks! Hitler was mean, Bush is just stupid, he can't even read what they write for him.
Voted : George Bush
bush is the worst animal in the world

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