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we know it is NOT G. W. Bush
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Ofcourse, why not?
I mean good, as in all thoughts are good, all actions are good, all the time, never nasty, never gross, good as in not perfect but nearly?
I close to be that good.
well, i like to think of myself as a good person. i always try to look for the positives in everything. God Bless!
I would like to consider myself a "good person". I believe in equal rights for all and wouldn't wish harm on another human being.

Now can you take your top off?

There is good in the worst of us,bad in the best of us,& it behooves none of us to say anything about the rest of us.
i do belive that is possible
And, whoever you are, I'd advise under that rock. The world will do its damndest to destroy you, more or less for the hell of it...
many people are 'good'. Just because one may make mistakes occasionally it does not mean they are not a 'good perfect'. Perhaps it would be fairer to ask if there are any 'perfect people', in which the answer would be no.
sorry, 'good person'
No. there is no good person on earth. there never has been. each man and woman born on earth has had an agenda, that agenda is to further themselves, the hell with everyone else.

from the first caveman than smashed the other caveman's skull with a rock and stole his meat, to the most modern company owner who fired his employee so he wouldn't have to pay him health insurance.

man is an abomination and an evil to himself and all existance.

Children start out in life being good people.

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